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Dangerous Music Convert-2 DAC Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by torofiestasol, Jul 22, 2016.
  1. ToroFiestaSol
    Dangerous Music is very well know in the pro audio industry, but no so much in the consumer, Hifi market.
    This DAC is getting rave reviews from the pros, but there is lack of comparison with High end Hifi DACs.
    I'm opening this thread because it would be interesting if owners can share impressions of the Convert compared to something like a DCS Debussy, Metrum Pavane, Yggdrasil, etc, you get the point.
    Some pictures of the Convert-2:
    Dangerous Music's website, with description of the Convert-2 and some audio engineers feedback:
    There is real hype around this thing, price is 2499usd.
    Also, there are some other pro DA converters which would be interesting to measure against the Convert/Yggy/Pavane, etc, like the Lavry Quintessence DA-N5 or Weiss DAC1 MK3.
    If you're an owner or someone who could audition the Convert-2, please share your experience here.
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  2. pibroch
    Have had one up and running since 1 May into a pair of Geithain RL906 for home listening. Unfortunately never compared it with other hi end dacs - only with the the oppo 105D on the same speakers and as I don't want to upset oppo fans will say no more on that score. For what it's worth I'm so enthralled by the beauty of the sound that I don't seem able to go a day without listening at least once. Musical instruments and human voices play as though the musicians are in the listening room. What also really gets me is how the individual characters of each "voice" is conveyed, even with background vocalists singing in unison. And you don't just hear a well defined snare drum hit but the organic sound of that particular drum in all its complex beauty including detailed lower frequencies. Allied to this the sound stage: staggering separation between instruments, and the phantom centre is so solid that everyone hearing my system for the first time has started looking for the centre speaker!

    Like you, would love to hear people's comparisons of the Convert with other high end dacs.
  3. pkbarter
    I, too, would love to hear some impressions. I've been very near pulling the trigger on a Yggdrasil but can't quite do it without what feels like a better understanding of the comparison between that and what's used to actually create the recordings in mastering rooms. 
  4. InsanityOne
    Personally, I would not buy this DAC as it does not support DANTE. It looks awesome, and if they made a version that included DANTE input it could become a real "bleeding edge" competitor. But, for now, the Burl B2 Bomber DAC with DANTE input is the current TOTL DAC that I am interested in. DANTE input currently outclasses any other form of digital input available on a DAC.
    - InsanityOne [​IMG]
  5. belgiangenius
    The inside photo of that DAC is a big red flag.  Another empty box.
  6. mhamel
    Those of you commenting negatively without ever hearing the dac are offering absolutely NOTHING to this thread.
  7. belgiangenius
    I would disagree.  There are some very basic principles one can apply to assessing the quality of electronic devices.  A pretty good rule of thumb that most would agree with:  the lighter the item and the more air in the box, the lower the quality.  I have yet to find an exception to this.
    Of course, that doesn't mean big heavy devices will be awesome, but I've yet to find light devices with little content that were awesome.
    That thing barely has one tiny transformer in it.  IMHO, $2500 is a huge ask for that.
  8. wuwhere Contributor
    I think the big box is for rack mounting purpose. But yes $2500 is a lot.
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  9. mhamel
    Go listen to it.  Then judge.
  10. Gonzbull
    I have the Dangerous Music Source converter and have to say it's excellent. Soundstage, dynamics and neutrality are top notch. Build quality is great too. I also have Lynx Aurora converters here.
    Dangerous make very good gear so don't dismiss until you have heard it.
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  11. Zoom25
    ooh did you get a linear power supply for the Source?
  12. Yoga
    This DAC is arriving here tomorrow, can't wait to test it out.

    I'll also be grabbing the Crane Song Solaris in January which has been getting insanely good reviews, including from those who own the Convert-2. New kid on the block but making some big waves.

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  13. Yoga

    I notice you use a LPSU with your Source. Big difference?
    The Uptone Regen (w/LPSU) transformed the Prism Lyra, tempted to try it on the Convert-2 after I've had a week or so getting used to the sound :¬)
  14. Zoom25
    For ME, yes. The second I plugged in the LPS, the phantom centre and the bass extension/impact got a lot tighter/deeper. Not to mention the lack of noise. I haven't bothered doing A/B with the stock switching. It wasn't close.
    I had my mind made on the Convert-2 as well, but I'm going to wait for more Solaris reviews.
  15. Yoga
    Nice to know, thanks.
    I was hoping to get the Solaris in at the same time but could find no stock. Should be coming mid January, although I'll have had to return the Convert-2 by then. Not optimal, but hey ho.
    Big price difference in the UK too; £2.7K (C-2) vs £1.5 (Sol).

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