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Dang. I forgot how good my ES-7 sounds.

  1. Hanafuda
    My Superfi5Pro's are busted and going back for replacement (warning to UE owners ... they tried to enforce the Logitech 1 yr warranty on me when I bought my Superfi's under the old UE 2 yr warranty) ... anyway, those Superfi5Pro's get used about 99.99% of the time, because they really are portable. I also have the ATH-ES7, but I rarely put it to use because they're kind of impractical as a portable (for me). Most of my listening is done outside the home (at work and while exercising) so real headphones hardly ever fit into my schedule. So anyway, got the ES7 out tonight and listened to NY's album "After the Gold Rush." So nice. The ES7 is very well suited to this album, but still ... all you guys who listen to your IEM's all the time due to the convenience ... get some real headphones on and listen.

    That is all. [​IMG]
  2. Opentoe
    That's what I plan to do myself exactly. I have a very nice set of Westone 3's for ultimate portability and also will most likely pick up the AT-25. I had a feeling there is something missing when listening to a larger set.
  3. Skampster
    What happened to your SuperFI's?
  4. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by Skampster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What happened to your SuperFI's?

    The plastic shell of one of them cracked and sheared away, right where the cable jacks in. Once it happened, I was amazed to see how fragile that area really is, and its probably why the Triple-fi design is rubberized in that area. My SF5Pro set is at my office right now, waiting for the shipping label from UE so I can drop it in the mail, so I can't take photos. So here's a crappy MS Paint drawing. hehe.


    Red line shows where it just sheared away and cracked into two pieces. This happened while I was inserting the piece into my ear. It had never been stepped on or crushed in any way, and I carry them around in a larger plastic tupperwarish bowl similar to a margarine bowl, not the tiny UE metal case.

    Just a defect in the plastic, I guess. Still like 'em for what I paid (about $150 during a sale at headroom, in early 2008).
  5. TobaccoRoad
    I was surprised at the ES7's midrange when I first got it. It's forwarded in a good way which a lot of mid-priced IEMs lack. But it always surprises me how people tend to wear ES7 for hours when I could barely hold for 20 minutes. Comfort area definitely needs to improve..

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