Damping Mechanical Energy Distortion of STAX and other phones with SORBOTHANE and other materials.

  1. Henery
    According to manufacturer, sorbothane can also be used for acoustic isolation and absorpbtion. I don´t remember this being mentioned on this thread.

    Sorbothane® has wide applications in:

    • Shock absorption in industrial, electronic, athletic and medical applications
    • Vibration isolation in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications
    • Vibration damping in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications
    • Gasket/sealing in industrial and electronic applications
    • Applications where low cost, high color plastic molding is required
    • High-space-efficiency acoustic absorption
    • High-space-efficiency acoustic barriers
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  2. edstrelow Contributor
    I can see it as a barrier. I am not sure what they mean by acoustic absorption which is different from vibration damping, acoustic and otherwise. Did you find an example?
  3. edstrelow Contributor
    This is a set-up for my old portable cd player. 1/4 inch 70 duro on the base with 4 layers of electrical tape to provide constrained damping. Then 4 1/0 inch 70 duro pieces on the plug going into the player with tape wrapped. And of course damping on the phones, 1/10 70 duro behind the driver unit and 1/2 70 duro on the headband. Amazingly good sound. I can not stand mp3 sound.

    1/2 inch is good if you can fit it where needed. Here I used my expensive Lord adhesive because I cannot find 1/2 with 3m self-stick. Unfortunately my can of glue dried out. 100_5063.JPG
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    I've got to try this on my Stax Sr-003 Mk2 and 007Mk1, probably after I got my new e-amp.
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  5. wuwhere Contributor
  6. edstrelow Contributor
    The link posted above to the Sorbothane Company site distinguishes between isolation and damping. It gives the example of spring or rubber mounts which can be effective isolators but ineffective at damping. I would add think about car springs, very good for when your car hits a bump, but requires a shock absorber to dampen down the oscillations cause by the impact. Sorbothane appears to be more like a shock absorber, getting rid of energy by coverting it to heat. Here it is again. https://www.sorbothane.com/material-properties.aspx
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