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Damping Mechanical Energy Distortion of STAX and other phones with SORBOTHANE and other materials.

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  1. Hutnicks

    At the risk of raising the ire of a few here for pointing this out. One of the unknown manufacturers who does some incredible work with tuning and damping is JVC. Google around for some of their Victor phones and you will find some very interesting trickery going on.
    Upgraditis will take hold of those owners and they will just dump there phones for the new model. Watch the classifieds on hf for a month and take note of how many high end phones get turned over. It's scary.
    Dynamat, road tar, all pretty much the same to me:)  Watch for chemical reactions with some of that suff Dynamat is inert but a lot of other materials are not.
  2. Oregonian
    FYI - Dynamat and now Fatmat is the stuff Lawton Audio has been using for a few years now for damping the Denon/Fostex line of headphones (D2000/5000/7000, TH600/900) with very good results.  I've used it now on 5 different headphones from that family with excellent results.  Tightens up the bass quite a bit. 
  3. bnsb
    Dynamat, road tar, all pretty much the same to me:) 
    Tarred highway to audio nirvana? ha ha
    I remember long time ago we used fiberglass tape (plumbers tape) to seal paper gaps in joints of floor standers and the effect was discernible. Absolute airtight fitment worked well I suppose. 
  4. edstrelow Contributor

    I don't think anyone knows the answer here but there is a problem with mechanical vibrations which is probably more severe with headphones than speakers. However forms of treatment being looked at by some manufacturers. Sorbothane is just the hobbyists way of dealing with it after the fact.
  5. richard51
    the cable (very microphonic) of the SR-5 is his achille's heel... Mine has lost his connection because of a loose welding (40 years of existence)...Is someone know where to buy a low bias replacement cable? Is it complicated to transform the regular  SR-5 in a high bias one (pro) ? If it is complicated i will go with a new low bias cable... Or solering another time the old one i already have is the simple solution...
  6. edstrelow Contributor
    As long as the problem is where the cable is soldered this should not be too serious although you need to be careful not to overheat the driver while you are reconnecting the cable.  That could cause it to melt. I have had  a few cable problems with Stax and they were always in the cable itself, not where the cable was soldered to the driver.  That was harder to detect.  I have fixed a few and had to buy new cables for others, ( most recently a Stax 404. )  
    I think you can still use a low bias cable with a high bias phone, You have to remove the middle pin of the plug because high bias uses 5 pins, low bias uses 6.  The middle pin of the low bias unit prevents it from being plugged into a high bias socket. It is also the bias pin for one channel.  However you then have to connect that channel to the remaining bias pin. 
    I am pretty sure that the pin/wiring  arrangement is the same for low and high bias other than for the middle pin but you should check it out first.
    Someone said that to convert the driver to high bias you have to separate the the outer stators of the driver and insert an extra spacer between the driver and each stator.  He said you could make one out of ordinary office paper. I have not tried this myself.  My SRXIII was converted to high bias using drivers from a related high bias phone, the  Gamma I believe.
  7. richard51

    Thanks Ed, but my SR-5 is a low bias one, and this low bias  replacement cable is hard to find i think...I dont know if i can use a pro-bias cable for a low bias sr-5 ?
  8. edstrelow Contributor
    I think you would just have both drivers share the single bias pin if you can only get a high bias cable.
  9. richard51
    by the way, i use now my Stax lambda nova basic with only sorbothane( duro 30 and 50 together) in the headband, pressurized under metal paper clip and not only glued, and it is surprizingly good... I dont know if it would be very better to place sorb  under the pads ...I wait for the duro 70 sorb.... [​IMG]...[​IMG]...[​IMG]
  10. richard51
    My Stax basic lambda nova are very good with the damped sorbothane headband.... I am less sad by the failure of my sr-5 cable because of that
    ....It is difficult to imagine that the duro 70 will be better... i cannot wait....
    Frankly my misfortune with the SR-5 was an occasion of discovery....  I was so in love with my SR-5+ sorb.  I have not dare or deign to listen to  the lambda nova basic without sorb. , now with sorbothane on the headband  and  with the amplifier srm-252s +sorb. under it and with granite plate on it with sorb between it and the plate, and last but not least with sorbothane glued to the little transformer, what a hell of headphone!...
     After all that sorb. modification,guess what ? they are now so good that i like  them with the same love i had for  my the SR-5, they are, a bit less organically musical but the soundspace is better, the imaging better,way more detailed, hence if  they are  bit less natural they are beautiful on their own path....( second update: after the sorbing of the isolator and after the sorbing of the optical convertor, frankly i dont know if the Stax lambda basic is now less organically musical and less natural than the  dead SR-5)
    i put 2 pieces of sorbothane (duro 30 ) glued to the little stax transformer for my srm-252s amplifier,  and it was very audible change more weigh to the sound, more presence,, properly sorbothanized, the lambda nova basic is superb headphone....EVERYTHING in my gear is sorbothanized, every time with better sound....i wait for my 70 duro....Frankly i dont understand that a so simple mod give so much....
  11. Henery
    I bought DT 480 few weeks ago and put some 30 duro blocks on the corner where baseplate and the "cylinder" where the driver assembly is located. I cannot say enough about their effects because original earpads are too shallow and don´t seal very well.I will order either DT 100 or 150 earpads and try again.
    On the other hand i have also tried 30 duro blocks on DT 48.Sound was clearer but mellow.About week ago i switched to almost same sized blocks of 70 duro.On both cases i used the "splitting method" to improve sorbo block´s absorption capabilites.Sound is now much more dynamic and resolving.I´m most impressed about improved bass tightness.Bass never gives up.It just kicks like a mule [​IMG]. Sorbothane really is a miracle.
  12. bnsb
    Would be grateful for your input
    I have  Stax 407 and Sorbothane 30D. The headband feels like canvas on 407s. Will sorbs help - without opening' the headphone? If yes where to apply and how? Thanks in advance.
  13. richard51
    Update 2 :
    I decided after my lost of the SR-5 to apply sorb on the little stax  wall transformer of the lambda nova basic with great results.... This morning i decided to go where i have not dare and think  to go already : to put sorb on the little hifimediy isolator attached to my computer and to the optical convertor attached to it also, Guess what : the sound is clearer and all improvement.... Sorbothane is a miracle reversible at no cost, but remember that it is better  to put it in ALL OF YOUR GEAR, headphone is the most important place, but the results at the other places will be more subtle but they add and will be there at the  end with all pieces of the chain (12 elements in  my chain gear including the power strip and the battery charger   ), anything where there is a surface to sorb.....[​IMG] 
    rule1 : sorb. all the gear
    rule2 : where you can apply slight pressure on the sorb. apply it  with a load or with paper metal  clip etc
    rule 3 : Ed said Duro 70 is better for the headphone , i wait for it
  14. bnsb
    I must try when I have a terrible headache :)
    richard51 likes this.
  15. richard51
    Really it is! [​IMG] 
    UPDATE 3 :
    Pressure applied on the sorb with paper metal clip, on the sorb  which is  already glued to the isolator and to the optical convertor linked to it, is WAY better for clarity, (they  are not thick and it is possible to attach to it  a big paper clip)  and i just put the paper clip in place on this 2 little gear piece,  and that confirm my experience about optimally apply pressure on the sorb. if possible...I never had a so good imaging on a phone and had more details to listen than ever before......
    I know now that any link that is not sorbothanized in your gear will add some fog on the sound , i had no explanation for that, except that cumulative  resonance of vibrations interaction and transmission  kill the sound all across your gear and the evidence show for me not only in my headphone but in my very resolving Monsoon speakers ... I perhaps have the first completely sorbothanized system in the world , all  11 elements in the chain ,[​IMG]  Thanks to all and to Ed...
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