Damage to Headphones when connecting with volume up AND connection pop/click?
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Feb 9, 2008
This is probably an extremely NOOB question. I've tried to search for the answer on this forum, but have got a general idea in that the following may not damage headphones. However, I just need a bit of reassurance

1. I was running pink noise for about 3 hours to burn in my headphones. Then I accidentally pulled the plug out half-way i.e. only one channel disconnected. I reconnected it immediately. The volume was not extremely loud i.e. 1 notch above comfortable listening levels. Would this have damaged my headphones in anyway?

2. Whenever I plug my headphones into my computer. I hear an audible "pop/click" during the connection of my headphones. I always put my settings on mute before I connect, but this problem still occurs. Does this pop/click sound damage my headphones in the long run? And are there any ways in preventing this pop/click from occuring? The pop/click noise is not extremely loud.

This all happened to a decent pair of Sennheisers.

Thanks for helping an amateur out.

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