Dali Zensor 3

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  1. dauhak
    Hi ,

    I own Zensor 3 paired with an old Denon Avr 3133

    And my brother owns Kef q300 paired with yamaha v573

    I'm not sure are my speakers bad or is my Av receiver bad.

    I tested at store before buying(paired with marantz sr7005)

    I feel some type of distortion when playing at high volume, and the treble bleeds at times.

    And when I listen to my brother setup , that sounds amazing and musical.

    Could you suggest me good AVR for Dali Zensor 3 that will be musical and good 3D depth with instruments sounding natural.
  2. Felipe Cotta

    I've got a pair of Zensor 3 and now I really love them. I think it's important to say that, specially in the case of the Dalis, positioning is KEY.
    When I first unboxed mine and plugged it on my amp, I liked the sound but was not impressed. Excellent and super defined treble but no bass at all. Read some threads about it and lots of peolple said I had to wait for the "burn in" time.

    OK, while it may be true, I found out that experimenting with different places was the only thing that made a big difference.

    I only moved the shelf a few inches to the left and the sound of the Dalis opened up hugely! The difference was night and day.
    So So So much better!!! And now I love them, absolutely love them.

    Plenty of bass, PLENTY, and super defined, crisp treble and I'll never need a subwoofer with these speakers. They are GREAT.

    Just remember: if your first impressions are not good, try moving them around until you get the sweet spot where frequencies will not cancel each other, etc.

    These speakers can definitely SING. I recommend them very very much!
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