DAC under 350$
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Oct 5, 2008
Hi, I´m looking to buy some DAC to use with me BVaudio headamp and AKG K701. Optimaly it should use USB, if it use optical I must use Edirol UA-1EX.

I see many people really like Pico DAC only, is something better in this price range?

Thanks for help.
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I just got a styleaudio carat-ruby that is the korean equivalent to the topaz, i belive.

I havent pass the 50hours ageing still. By now I am not specially impressed, while it gives better SQ than its small brother the styleaudio hdv1. Its not so big difference that i can heard. Maybe its because of the aging time issue or maybe because i listen with a SR80 headphones. Dont know.

Hope someone can give more light over the Styleuadio products, its said that their components are great.

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