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Jun 28, 2015
I have bought KRK Rokit 6 G3 Set.
I want to be able to connect a pc/ps4 to it all via optical.
Since I can not regulate optical sound level (on PS4) I need a DAC with a volume control and that also accepts optical in.

I have found these:
Audioengine D1 - has the best price, but I read on amazon that it randomly set volume to 100% and I don't want that. Otherwise it would be the best bet.
Denon DA-300USB DAC- Seems oke but not sure if it will regulate my speakers.
Asus Xonar Essence One - Very pricey, has some things that I don't really need.
My questions are:

Will the last DAC on the list really let me control volume of my speakers if its connect on optical?
Are there any cheaper options that I don't see?
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Yeah. I don't think it makes sense to spend as much or more on a dac/preamp than your speakers cost. I don't know enough about the Audioengine D1+ and what problems it has.

How about a Maverick Tubemagic D1 Plus? http://www.mav-audio.com/store/index.php/dac/tube-magic-dac-d1-1.html?SID=ii31rde8f16u1dcltf6nre9953. Or, how about this Emotiva XDA-2. Has balanced outputs and a remote control. So the Tubemagic has a more powerful headphone amp (if you can use that), but the Emotiva has some good features.

Or, for less money, buy a Schiit Modi 2 with optical input (or for that matter, any stand alone DAC with optical input) and get an Emotiva Control Freak: https://emotiva.com/products/electronics/control-freak.

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