DAC/PRE-AMP recommendation $2K budget
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Aug 25, 2019
Hey all,

Are there any DAC/pre-amp combo with the following analog outputs?? 1x XLR & 2x RCA. The only one I was able to find was Benchmark's DAC3-L but it's a bit dated. I'm preferably looking for the latest AKM or ESS chipset. Dual mono setup and MQA would be nice but not a must.

I want the ability to connect a set of active speakers + 2 AMPS (1x SS 1x tube) without using a separate pre-amp or a switch box.
Here's what I want to achieve.
Laptop (Roon Core) > (USB) DAC > (XLR) ELAC Navis ARB-51, (RCA) FOCAL Arche, (RCA) ZMF Pendant

My budget is ~$2K but somewhat flexible.

On that note, if the DAC only has 1x RCA output, is it better to use a RCA splitter from the DAC to connect two separate amps, or is it better to connect one amp (FOCAL Arche) and daisy chain the second (ZMF Pendant) to the Arche.

If I cannot find one w/ 2x RCA outputs, I'm considering Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro (MQA) or Topping's new D90 (MQA) .

Thanks in advance for your help and stay safe!
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