DAC on-the-go .. Mini Dac / DAC1 or what else?
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Dec 23, 2004
i will be leaving Hong Kong for probably up to 6 months...
since i am not able to bring all my headfi stuff , i am going to buy a USB DAC to continuing my headfi life out of hometown...

i have converted all my favourite CDs into Wav and stored in a portable hdd, and i will bring a notebook for my 6-month trip too...

For your reference helping me to choose a USB DAC, my on-the-go headphone is AKG K601, relatively cheap, durable, light and with good sound..

so here comes the question, which USB DAC should i buy for this trip and with better synergy with 601?

of course, i will still use this DAC after this trip as a potential upgrade for my system.

Sorry for my poor English...
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i am from Hong Kong too

if you are not using vista, apogee mini dac would be a good choice, its about 700 usd.

However, its depend on your budget

around 100 usd, you can go with the trend ud-10 or 0404 usb

around 200-300 usd, Ibasso D1

someone also suggested me buy a usb to coaxial plus dac, it would be tons of choices

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