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DAC help required

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Feb 3, 2012.
  1. OK-Guy
    My home audio system is Arcam FMJ based with Monitor Audio GS10 speakers with Chord Interconnects... it is purely a CD based system which is bi-amp'ed & bi-wired.
    Now that I'm getting into this 'streaming' malarkey I need to know of a good static DAC that will compliment the Sony Z-Series (I'm actually excited about getting one when they're released)....
    I was thinking Musical Fidelity, Leema or Rega DAC's (or a Chord QBD which will make my pockets sob)... also which is best way to go wired or wireless ?
    Any advice would be welcomed & appreciated... think of me as a complete idiot with an appreciation of good sounding tunes
  2. FortisFlyer75
    How will the set up be as I am a little confused with how you will be using the Z Walkman within your current gear as you are asking about static and wireless streaming.
    Are you going using your Z through the speaker set up,  through headphones or both?
    I get the impression maybe  you will be using it as a music jukebox hub through your Arcam speaker set up rather than with headphones?
    I also have Arcam, a FMJ DVD player with Chord interconnects through Tag Mclaren processor and amps with B&W CDM SE speakers all round.  
    I used to have a Naim Headline amp with NAPSC power supply which I used my Sony X series through the line out to listen with my then AKG K702's which was good, but now since I have gone portable with a pair of JH16pro monitors so wanted a portable amp and got the Ibasso PB1 with the DB1 Dac and for such a little box there is a noticeable difference using this with both a laptop or the X Walkman which by the way has a very good under rated built in digital amp which the Z series is reported to have improved upon from those few who now have a Z to compare to their X Walkman.
    So a Rega dac or Music fidelity dac sounds a good bet even though a lot of money to invest in a dac if just solely for the Z Walkman especially if you went for a Leema dac in terms of the price.  If you will be using other sources in addition through the dac it makes it more palatable in the purchase.
    I even used my Arcam FMJ direct through the coax out into my Ibasso dac and amp with my earphones and was impressed with what I was hearing.
    I am not sure about the streaming side of dacs in terms of quality/ reliability, maybe some one else who has one can chime in.
    How would you use a wireless streamer dac if you had it within your set up then with the Z then? 
  3. OK-Guy
    I rarely listen to music via headphones at home, in fact my headphones are only humble Sony MDR-EX510LP's which I used for my now sold Sony NWZ-S638F (loved that lil player, it aroused my interest)... the Z-Series will be it's replacement so I'm investigating ways of connecting it to my hi-fi without losing too much quality(?).
    I would like to get a decent hard-drive player like ones from Naim but I know there's going to be a wealth of players hitting the market soon so thought I'd get the rushed out players out the way and go with a DAC for a few years... I've got a huge CD collection but I don't want was to give up a physical copy until equipment has proved to be reliable (I still get a buzz out of finding something in my collection when hunting for something else).
    The Sony is apart of my hi-fi upgrades this year and I intend to upgrade other components ie CD-Player or Dac and upgrading my connects to the next Chord Cable level (I intend to do the amps next year).
    You have set me a quandry with your portable set-up, until I joined in January I never realised there was such a big market for portable audiophile gear and now you thrown me a proverbial 'curved ball' (sorry for the american'ism) which I almost feel obliged to investigate (my cat is impressed with my inquisitiveness), so I may attack you for greater knowlege on several fronts.
    With regard to the DAC... some have bluetooth connectivity as does the Sony... Chord Electronics (not the cable guys) have one that after investigation is the one that rises above the others but its eyewateringly expensive but I would see that or any other DAC as an investment for the future when I finally commit to streaming etc... though I might give Spotify a blast as I use it to sample albums before I buy and the subscription service looks good value.... anyhow enough of my prattle and can I say thanks for reply, it's appreciated

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