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DAC for windows desktop speakers (Logitech X230) - 200$

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by dragonball, Nov 24, 2018.
  1. dragonball

    I have these 15 year old logitech speakers (X230) which still sound very good compared to new 150-200$ speakers. I play 320kpbs via windows 7. Now I am looking to upgrade my sound by spending ~150-200$ more.

    So I figure that best investment would be to get a new DAC. Is my thinking correct?

    If yes, please suggest best DAC for this computer setup under 200$. Should not be too heavy.

  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
  3. dragonball
  4. DarkStar_XIII
    I use an Audioquest Dragonfly Red for my office, sounds great and fits in your budget.
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  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Schiit Modi3. Save the change in case you might get headphones and a headphone amp later on.
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  6. dragonball
    How does Modi 3 compare with nano iDSD Black Label ?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    iDSD has a built in headphone amp. Apart from that I can only compare the Nano iDSD to the Modi2+Magni2 is a hair brighter but gets harsh when really cranked up, although by that point the Nano iDSD would have clipped anyway.
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Would it help if Hifimediy changed their name to Trump DAC, to make it a name brand?
    For speakers like the Logitech X230, can't see any good reason for spending more then $50 for a DAC.
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  9. Hank_Venture

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