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  1. joasjoas
    I have a xonar dgx, my main use is games and movies, do you know any recommendation of another sound card / internal or external, or DAC, that improves what I have?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What headphones do you have or are planning on getting in the near future?
  3. joasjoas
    Have dt 990 600 ohm + amp project polaris
  4. Nuke142
    I am here with same question too.
    I have sennheiser hd 598sr and wonder if i need some dac or amp? Now i am using sound blasterx g5 for games and music but all "improvements" from sound card is off, equalizer too.
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
  6. wotef
    Certainly. But how much do you want to spend? :smile_phones:
  7. joasjoas
    +- 100€
  8. wotef
    I doubt you'll find a meaningful upgrade on the Xonar until you spend more than that.
  9. sloanb
    You might want to look at either a base Schiit Modi 2 or something from Fiio like the Q1 Mark 2. They are both very affordable and offer good bang for the buck IMO.

    FiiO Q1 Mark II: http://www.fiio.net/en/products/76
    Schiit Modi 2: http://www.schiit.com/products/modi-2

    The Modi being a DAC only and the Q1 has a decent headphone amp.

    For a fantastic budget amp I always highly recommend the electric avenue PA2V2 which is a great little amp that will push your headphones. You might actually really enjoy just adding this to your mix to improve the power going to the headphones.

    PA2V2: http://electric-avenues.com/

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