DAC for Magnums/325is--upgrade from e10?
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May 14, 2010
Hey guys. I'm currently running macbook pro---fiio e10---little dot 1+ (with tube/op amp upgrade)----Magnums.
I am about to be receiving a pair of 325i's. I'm about to have some extra cash in the upcoming weeks and was curious if I should upgrade my DAC. I love my LD1+ and see no reason to upgrade this portion of my setup. I have been looking into either getting an ODAC, or perhaps a Schiit Modi. Would these be an audible upgrade from my e10? Does anyone have this setup? I could sell my e10 for around 50 buck and then only pay around 50 or so for the ODAC or Mobi. Would this upgrade warrant the 50 bucks I'd be spending or should I just be complacent with my current set up? Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks guys!

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