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DAC/external soundcard to replace laptop headphone jack. Fiio? Creative?

  1. SKisaGooner
    Headphone: Sennheiser HD518 (impedence: 50 Ω)
    Main use: 16bit FLAC, gaming (on laptop)

    Been using the HD518 for years on built-in laptop headphone jack.

    Since using a Powerlink adapter, there has been some noticeable fizzy noise on my headphones when I'm gaming and listening to music which is intolerable. I suspect the "sound card"/built-in headphone jack in my new laptop is piss poor and am looking to delve into an external soundcard/DAC.

    Products I am looking at: Fiio E10K, Creative Sound BlasterX G1, Creative SoundBlaster PLAY! 3

    I'm leaning towards Creative despite the E10K's reputation. Would love to hear your suggestions.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    If you need headphone surround sound, for FPS gaming, get an external sound card.
    Otherwise just get an external DAC/amp.
    A FiiO K1 would be a good low cost option.
  3. SKisaGooner
    The Creatives are cheaper than Fiios though...

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