DAC decision: Schiit Mimby, Soekris DAC 1321, Audio-GD R2R 11
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Joe Garfield

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My primary setup is Schiit Modi Multibit > BH Crack > HD650 and I love it. Now I'd like to upgrade my system at work so I ordered another Crack as well as a S.E.X. amp and am looking at a new DAC. After Mimby I think I'm hooked on R-2R so I'm considering these 3 DACs:

Schiit Modi Multibit: The least expensive and I'm very happy with mine. The only reason to change is to a) try something different, and b) I don't really like how Mimby searches for sources and doesn't prioritize USB if it's not plugged in yet. It's the best I've heard so far, but maybe I'll like the others too...

Audio-GD R2R-11 is middle price, I get the feeling maybe 3rd in terms of quality? Has good sound reviews, maybe some older not so good quality reviews. Aesthetics are good, the built-in amp isn't technically needed so not a big influence, but obviously not bad to have.

Soekris DAC 1321: Most expensive and I don't really care for the display and particularly the 'clipping knob.' But have read good things about the company/product and seems like it should have good long term ability to upgrade firmware, filters, etc. I like that it can be programmed to my liking. The DIY board would be great but I have too much other stuff going on to build another kit (mostly not sure about building a quiet power supply.)

Any thoughts/experience with these? Or suggestions for something I might be missing in this price range?

Thanks :)
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I avoid schitty products and have no experience with their DACs. They don't support DSD.

I can recommend the Audio-gd R2R-11. Quite a superb DAC even regardless of price. It may not drive external amps as well as I expect, still figuring that part out. Service from audio-gd exceeded my expectations.
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