dac/amp recommendations for he-560s + speakers
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Jan 31, 2009
I'm looking to upgrade my DAC/amp combo since I just traded for a pair of he-560s. the caveat is that I also have a pair of swans m200 mkiii speakers that i want to drive from the same setup, as well as multiple input sources (bluetooth receiver, tv RCA, and usb) that i would like to switch between.

any recs for a dac/amp combo that would do well doing all of that? i was looking at the schiit stack and may wait for an upgrade to the asgard 2. willing to pay more if the payoff is there, but i'm pretty dubious of whether i would actually hear a difference from the super high end.

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Just to clarify, your Swans already have an amplifier built in. They don't need to be "driven" by another device.

The Modi/Magni stack is a good idea. But you would need the uber version of each. For that price, you might also consider the Audio-GD NFB-15.

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