DAC/amp or Amp for Sony MDR 7506
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Dec 28, 2008
Got sidetracked and bought these cans after listening to them. Absolutely loved them. Any DAC/Amp or a regular amp could improve the sound? Source would be a Macbook running Lossless.
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For iPod I feel you don't need an amplifier as such. Considering Macbook with lossless files think about D10 and you can find tonnes of impressions around. Just think and spend wisely.
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The D10 looks like a good buy. And yeah I'm planning on using these with my Macbook cuz that's where I'll be using the MDR 7506 with. For my iPod and portable use I'd rather IEMs. I was also looking at the Meier 3Move. Any other ideas anyone?
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3Move is agood choice but D10 seems to be a great choice from what I've read so far. There are plenty of reviews around for both these and D10 being fed from the optical out of Macbook seems like outstanding. Check out and buy.

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