D2000 Headband repair (or transplant cans)

  1. Taxihamster
    Hey guys, so my beloved D2000's pin (the part that attaches the cup to the hangar) snapped off. I've had a look at it, it seems to be a bit of a gamble to machine a new part like that considering it's such a funny shape. Tried a few "quick and dirty" fixes...but they just didn't fit right.

    Have you folks in here seen any means of repairing this or simply replacing the entire headband setup and just mounting the cans to a new headband? The cans are in great shape otherwise, it's either I find a way to make the electronics work or I have to save up for new ones altogether (which isn't an option just yet). You guys know how much it sucks to be without beloved cans...

    I know that the Fostex TH-X00's are basically the big brother of these cans, I wonder if there is a way to get my hands on the headband of these, though I'm guessing they are pricey as well. Hmmm.
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