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New Head-Fier
May 21, 2009
I'm looking at getting 1 of these 3 headphones

I am a big bass fan, and I've heard the D1001 is the best. I listen to a lot of hip-hop/rap. Any comments/ideas/suggestions/etc?

Also, where is probably the best/cheapest place to shop?

Thanks in advance
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I have the MS1 and owned the SR80 previously. I haven't heard the D1001, but if you really want slammin' bass, then the Aless/Grado family can give you pretty good bass, but it will be more accurate bass than your probably want, esp if you are a "basshead" listening to rap/etc.

Several under $100 Senn headphones will give you boomy bass, but you'll lose some highs with most of those Senns as well.
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Avoid the MS1s for hip-hop/rap. At least to my ears playing hip-hop on them is borderline laughable.
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Bass? Hiphop? Rap? D1001.

I was underwhelmed by MS-1 (though GRado 325i later blew me away..., but that's another story), and I think it was mostly to do with bass. Also, I liked them better than SR80.
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I certainly wouldn't say the MS1s are bass-shy, but it's not exactly the right bass for rap/hip hop. The Denons have boomier bass, and more of it. MS1s are tighter, faster, and more controlled. IMO, it's the aggressive mids/highs that really sound out of place when using the MS1s for hip hop.

I like the MS1s, but I almost always switch to my Denons for hip hop.

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