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d1001 build quality. creaky? Fit a big head?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hanafuda, Feb 18, 2010.
  1. Hanafuda
    I'm about settled on the d1001 for a lug back-and-forth to work, do-it-all headphone, mostly because I don't really see anything else on the market that fits in the same niche of circumaural, closed, and still (sorta) portable, unless you go up to the Edition 8 maybe. And on my budget that ain't gonna happen.

    (yeah, I know the CAL! is allegedly about the same, but I'm talking about any actual alternative. And I am considering the big black cans like the m50, srh440/840, but I'm thinking they're just too big and over-the-top for the office)

    I have read that the d1001 might be a little lacking in the sturdiness department though, and that makes me a bit concerned about it maybe being creaky, noisy, microphonic ... whatever you wanna call it. My head is LARGE which tends to bring out this problem ... my ES7 for instance creaks in the swivel joints every time my ears twitch.

    So, d1001 owners ... are you satisfied with the build quality? Any creaks? And most important, does it fit a big noggin?
  2. nyjets28
    the build quality on the d1001 is great. maybe not as sturdy/strong as say the shure 440/840, but in no way should you worry about the build quality being creaky, noisy etc. and there is no microphonics, really. some sound leakage, but these are great portable cans and solidly built.
  3. the search never ends
    They fit a big noggin
  4. Hanafuda
    Thanks fellas. I do wish there were more headphones on the market in this style. There are some lesser options but like I said I don't see any better alternatives that are quite in the same niche as the d1001 until you get up to the Edition 8. You'd think all the major makers would have something like this in the $100 - $300 range. Supra-aurals just don't work for me, and I know I can't be the only one.
  5. Sophonax
    I ordered a pair of D1001s from Headroom a little while back, and I returned them because I wasn't that impressed. While the sound quality was good for the price, I had two main problems with them:

    1) I found the headband to seem kind of flimsy, and it was definitely creaky. The size adjusters just felt and sounded cheap. This surprised me, since I was used to the rock-solid build quality of the D2000s and expected more of the same from Denon. However, I will say that the creaky headband was not microphonic. Once the headphones were on my head, I didn't have any trouble with noise coming from the headband.

    2) My ears touched the insides of the ear cups (and my ears don't stick out unusually far from my head), which bothered me. I used to have a pair of Bose Triports way back in the day, which are similar in size and shape to the D1001s, but I found the Triports to be much more comfortable because the ear cups didn't touch my ears at all.

    Overall, the D1001s were decent, but I didn't think they were that great. I just thought I'd throw in my two cents, so that you'd have a dissenting opinion (since the majority of people seem to think highly of the D1001s).
  6. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by Sophonax /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I just thought I'd throw in my two cents, so that you'd have a dissenting opinion (since the majority of people seem to think highly of the D1001s).

    And I appreciate it too. But do you have an alternative suggestion that fills my need for a circumaural, closed (sorta) portable? That's the real issue for me ... I really don't see anything else on the market that does this job as well. (and the Triports are not on my list ... I have my pride [​IMG] )

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