D10 questions

  1. shempster
    Hello all!

    I’ve been lurking around here for about a month or so, trying to figure out which way to go into this hobby & I’ve pretty much decided on the Denon D2000 headphones & probably a Sansa Fuze. But, as far as an amp – I still have a few questions.

    In looking at the ibasso D10 specs it mentions that it can work as a USB sound card. If so, can I plug a guitar cord into it & use it as a hopefully low/no latency music interface to get my guitar into the PC for recording? If so, I’m sold. If not, from looking on the website, the D2+ specs look just about as good as the D10’s except for the extra I/Os – though I’ve read somewhere here that the D10 is better some how.

    So, bottom line, for 70% classic rock & a little metal & 30 % classical will either be good with the Denon D2000s & will the D10 also function as a guitar interface for a PC?

    Thanks, & this is a great website by the way!


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