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:D Nice excuse to have to buy something else :D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by denon, Jan 14, 2011.
  1. DENON
    Dear Headfi'ers,
    After installing Ubuntu (linux) on my laptop (and only computer) a few days ago I noticed sadly that my Kenwood hd30gb9 can no longer be provided with anything new! Kenwood's own software will not run on Ubuntu and the player will only recognize music that's been uploaded through it's own software!
    Now I need a new player, preferably drag and drop and if possible same sound quality as the kenwood.
    It's been a while since I kept myself busy with getting new equipment so my question to you is: What would you suggest?
  2. kingpintps
    Have you considered the Cowon J3?
  3. DENON
    J3 is a bit too expensive for me now. I was rather thinking about the sansa clip, seems a good one if I understand stories here correctly. Im not sure however how it compares soundwise...
    The problem is just that my kenwood (which I absolutely love) has become a fixed library now. If I can sell it for a good price a J3 would be ok, if not something cheaper has to do it.
  4. kitkat12012


    lol that's what i did :D
    wiped out XP, installed ubuntu just so I could get rid of itunes and my ipod touch.
    bought a J3, i've been happy ever since
    if you're looking for a music manager that can transfer stuff to your player, I find Clementine to be the one I like the best.  Amarok is good too but it's too flashy for me
  5. DENON
    Are you saying that with clementine I can fill up my kenwood again? I was under the dark and sad impression that this otherwise divine player only plays what it has uploaded with it's own application...
  6. kingpintps
    Well Sansa Clip is very well regarded is terms of sound quality...from what I have read it is more powerful and sounds better than a number of more expensive and larger players. I think at that price range the Clip is an absolutely perfect buy.
    If you do pick it then go for the latest Clip+ which has a microSD slot for expandability.
  7. kitkat12012


    I didn't say that in my post before, but now that you mentioned it, you could probably try that. :D
    there's a few other players on linux that supports different brands of pmps.  Clementine is the one I use.  I've tried Amarok, Banshee, and Rythmbox before, all of which has some sort of music transfer feature.  You can try each one from the Software Center.  Then just plug your pmp in/out to see if it gets recognized by the media player.
    When you plug your player in, see if linux recognizes it and mounts it.  If it gets mounted, you can probably try simply dragging and dropping files to the appropriate folder.
    Worse case scenario, you can just run your Kenwood software on wine.
    You can also try asking in the Ubuntu forums.

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