D-CJ01 - problem with MP3s? Comparing to SlimX
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Jun 4, 2002
So I just bought both the Sony DC-j01 and the SlimX and finally to an "in person" comparison.

I first tried a couple of CDs and MP3s to try out the sound (using Ety 4Ps, not amped). I have to admit, the Sony did sound better - more rounded and smooth. This is not to say that the SlimX sounded bad - not at all. After months of listening to CDs on my laptop and minidiscs, both sounded really nice. The main difference seemed to be that the SlimX sounded punchier. I suppose it all depends on the music you'd be listening to to determine which you preferred. For me, the Sony was better suited, but was almost as happy with the SlimX. This comparison is with me trying to keep the hiss factor out. Or on this a bit in the next section.

There's been a lot on this The hiss is definetly there with the ER4P. Just with the SlimX on, you'd get hiss. I could actually hear, although very very faint, the cd motor running and getting up to speed as I put in a new disc. If you plan on listening to primarily rock type music, then the hiss will go away as soon as the music kicks in on CDs. On MP3s, the hiss is a bit more pronouced. On classical music, you would have the hiss in the background, which you can eventually tune out. But it is there nevertheless.

Size, form factor, and build:
Again, the nod seems to go to Sony on a very slight scale. The SlimX, while very thin, seems to use a bit thiner material compared to the Sony. I would feel comfortable throwing the Sony into my bag and not worry about it - the SlimX, I would take a bit more care. The Sony also has a slightly smaller foot print.

So it would seem I would go with the sony and be done with it, right? A couple of problems have come up that are the deal breaker:

1) Lots of trouble reading a CDR with MP3s. I've put in a CDR that works fine on the SlimX, but ran into gliches into the Sony. It would start playing, but as soon as I tried to navigate to another track, it would hang a couple of times. If I try to do too many things on the buttons, it'll eventually spin down. I had to open the lid and start the CD player up again.

2) Reading of ID tags. Most of the MP3 tracks did not come up on the Sony. I couldn't figure out why it was. The folder names did show up, but not the track itself. On the SlimX, it showed the entire file name. I had this problem both with tracks from the internet and ones I made myself. Even downloading the ID tag.

3) Track jumps? The Sony would stop 5 seconds into a song, and then restart. It would show it as a next track (since the names aren't showing on the scren). This is both with CDR and VBR.

4) Navigation. Although the Sony has dedicated folder buttons, you can only see one folder or one track at a time. Navigation through 100's of tracks can be tricky. The SlimX shows much more - although on a much smaller screen.

5) Wobbles. The sony seems to spin a lot faster than the SlimX. The Sony wobbles, espeically with MP3s.

6) Beeps. Typical Sony product, has beeps with everything. Normally this isn't that much of a problem, but when you are trying to navigate through folders and bunch of MP3s, the beeps are way to much.

If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. A defective player? I do want to use the Sony, but if it can't read CDR/MP3s, then I might as well get a different Sony PCDP. I made my CDR by just moving the track on my harddrive over. In Explorer, the CD has normal folder names and MP3 files in them. The SlimX doesn't seem to have any problems with it at all. Should I let the Sony spin up more, before I start? I can get pass the navigation and wobbles, but if I can't play MP3s smoothly or even tell what tracks they are, then it might as well be just a regular cd player.

As I mentioned above, the SlimX is a very close second when it comes to sound quality.
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with reference to the beep on the Sony units. Have you tried removing the batteries, pressing PLAY once and then putting the batteries back in. This works on my Sony D-915 Discman and quite possibly might word on the new Sony unit - worth a try.

I hope this helps.
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Can't really comment on VBR - I only use CBR - 192K sometimes, 320K mainly. Never once a problem.

Come to think of it, never had a problem with either SlimX or D-CJ01 with any MP3 I've tried to play with it.

The only time I did have a problem was when I burned a 10x CD-RW at 12x. Writing it again at 10x cured the problem.

You can get rid of the beep - it's in the manual, I remember reading it. I personally like the beeps.
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The manual (dumb me) did state how to get rid of beeps. Something about holding the stop button down for awhile...

How do you guys burn your MP3s to CDs? I have this program that lets me use Windows Explorer to copy the MP3s directly to the CD, but wondering if that's causing the problems with the Sony. Should I use Winamp or something? I'm having problems even with basic 128kb mp3s off of the internet...

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Use Winamp???

I use Nero.

You aren't using direct access or whatever they call it, are you (allows you to use the CD like a giant write-one floppy disk)? And you are presumably closing the disc?

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ACtually I am using a Roxio program called "direct CD" and dragged my folders and files to the CDR (like a giant floppy disk). Is this the problem? That's the program that came with my laptop CD burner...
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I finally go thte sony to work. And it is working fine now - no problem yet with ID tags, folders, etc... Turns out there's another program to create "project CDs" that work. The drag and drop feature caused some problems for the Sony - but not the SlimX. Hmmm...

Anyhow, now the big difference between the two is: Sound versus navigation/ease of use. The sony sounds better, both MP3s and CDs. The SlimX is much easier to use (can take any type of CDR, no matter how you burn them
). And navigation on the SlimX is better since you can see the different folders and tracks - the Sony is stuck at basically one line. Now what to do???

I'm probably going to keep the Sony. Seems sturdier and has better sound. If I wanted functionality, I would have gone with a Hard Drive based solution. And the guy at the electronics store convinced me to get one of those 2 year insurance package (negoatiated him down to $20). Figure something's probably going to happen to it, based upon past PCDP problems. And maybe Sony'll have a better one by then?

Thanks for your help.
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As someone else said, the SlimX could probably get sound out of a beermat - it deals with multisession and unfinalized CD's quite well. The Sony has problems - no, let me rephrase that - it doesn't work.

I use CD-RW's which I write at 10x. Takes about 7 minutes to earse the disc and write a complete CD, and I can overwrite it time and again.

Take a look at Nero if you can. It's a great piece of software - far superior IMHO to Roxio's efforts.

Have you got the remote for the D-CJ01?
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No I don't have a remote. Do you have an extra you'd be willing to sell? I have an old Sony remote (from my minidisc E90 player) but it doesn't light up. I can navigate with it, but can't read the screen.

Does the remote alow for better navigation? That would make the Sony a complete player (in my opinion).
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Mmm. I have two extra RM-MC11EL's as spares but they're just that. I have a habit of trashing remotes, and I got these for a good deal - so I'm keeping'em!

I'm sure the brand new RM-MC12's work with the D-CJ01 you know - might want to make sure first on somewhere like the MP3.com forums if you can't get an answer here.

I don't know if due to the introduction of the MC12, the MC11's would be any cheaper. I doubt it.

You can get the MC12's from Audiocubes.com and minidisco.com.

The MC11 is a generic remote for all of Sony's PCDP's and PMD's. It has a range of generic buttons. What you do is to use the Display button to switch between navigation/display modes: By filename, by folder, by ID3 title, etc etc. I personally never use the front panel controls so I've never really got used to the buttons.

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