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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. bigman18
    Is there a number to call to find out if we are on? for Sunday de 30.
  2. gandhisfist
    Might be able to call Gary?
  3. bigman18
    Just talked to Gary he says that he is willing and able to get use a room for Sunday . Maybe we should get a head count ?
    He says that this year this there are only 5 headphone vendors .  Im talking a room at the hotel to see the show on Saturday and display my rig on Sunday.
  4. kayan

    I'm interested, but I'm a good few hours away, so there would need to be some specific gear for me to try to make it worth my while. But yeah, I'm interested.
  5. Japheel
    I'm in the same boat myself. If there will be a few estats, I'll be there
  6. bigman18
    Are you going to bring your equipment to the part of the event that constitutes our meet?
  7. Japheel
    If ppl want to hear a pair of alpha dogs, then I'd be glad to. I hope someone has a nicer amp than the e09k, though. My setup doesn't do them justice as of now.
  8. gandhisfist

    I'd like to check them out. Will be bringing my full stack of equipment so there will definitely be amps there that can handle it.
  9. Japheel
    You wouldn't, perchance, be talking about that lovely lyr and bitfrost in your profile pick, would you? :wink:
  10. smitty1110
    I was thinking of buying a UPS to bring my Yggy. So Yggy, Rag, HE-6, HD 800, and maybe the TH 900 for my full gear list.
  11. gandhisfist

    That and more.
  12. Japheel
    Don't make me wet in public
  13. gandhisfist
    Your headphone inventory is having a similar effect.  Can you bring the K1000 and the MrSpeakers Ether to the meet? I really want to check those out.  Also the LCD-X if you don't mind.
    Edit:  Oops, missed that line that said "what I want"
  14. bigman18
    Im bringing my Audeze lcd 3 , Senheiser sd 800 and the Grado 1000 first edition also a bunch of interconnect and my A&K .  Dark Voice  amp with a couple of tubes to roll.
    I also try to bring the new Ayre Codex ,I 'want to sell some stuff to see If I get this baby .
  15. smitty1110
    I can bring my LCD-X to the Meet, though the cable is a little underwhelming compared to my Draug v2 :wink:
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