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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. Gary Gill
    You mind if we communicate off of Head-fi? For Meet you would set up tables etc? If you want to do more for the weekend that would be great too. 
  2. smitty1110
    Hm, I'd forgotten about this event, gotta get a UPS for my Yggy...
  3. gandhisfist
    Sent an email with my head-fi username, haven't gotten a response.  Just wanted to check that you received it.
  4. dxanex
  5. kayan
    What are the requirements to attend one of these meets?

    Edit: Stupid grammar mistake.
  6. GrindingThud
    Has a room been designated yet? I did not see it on the schedule....maybe I missed it.
  7. gandhisfist
    No requirements, just show up and respect people's equipment while you're there.  You might want to bring your own music and your own headphones so you have music and a playback system you're familiar with to compare with other stuff you try.
  8. Barry S
    I've been checking the vendor list and all I see is Woo Audio and WyWires in terms of head-fi. I no longer see any reference to CanMania on the CAF site, so I'm wondering how things are going. Last year, it was an amazing event--really comprehensive with tons of equipment. CanJam London is scheduled for the same weekend; hopefully it won't mess with us too much.
  9. gandhisfist

    I kind of expected CanJam to interfere with this even unfortunately. I guess the meet is going to be the beat place to try headphones.
  10. Asr
    Vinnie Rossi (of LIO/Red Wine Audio), Microshar (they make various portable electronics), and Urban HiFi (online retailer of David Berning's new MicroZOTL 2) are also on the exhibitor list.
    And yeah it's kinda odd that the CAF site doesn't mention CanMania anymore. Judging from that and the lack of activity in this thread by the event organizer, particularly when the event is just 4 weeks away, it seems like they canceled CanMania and the "meet" isn't likely to happen now....
  11. bigman18
    Is the meet canceled?
  12. kayan

    I too want to know. I got the day off from work.
  13. Barry S

    Did you ever hear back from Gary Gill about helping out with the meet?

    I wouldn't jump to any conclusions until we hear from Gary. All we need for the meet is some space and some tables, so it's probably going on as planned. The number of head-fi vendors is another question.
  14. gandhisfist
    No, still haven't heard word from Gary regarding the meet.
  15. Japheel
    That's insanely dissapointing. I was really looking forward to an east coast event.
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