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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. Scorpion667
    Sweet setup!
    I hear you man, I had a memorable experience with the HE500's and T720 once. I walk into my local headphone shop (I'm there often so the owner knows me). He is listening/testing out his new balanced RSA to Hifiman cable (ALO greenline I think). I didn't wanna interrupt so I was just looking around but soon as he caught sight of me, doesn't say hi or anything, almost throws the HE500's at me and goes "you HAVE to try this" - I was taken aback. That was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had with a pair of headphones, and I've tried lots of flagships. I was floored - UNBELIEVABLE sound, still remember it 6 months later. DAMN I wanna get the HE500's now! I like the 560 as well but 500's are branded into my soul after that incident
  2. Poimandres
    Okay. If anyone is interested ttvj hasblack friday/cyber monday deals and one of them is the theorem for 595.
  3. Poimandres
    Okay so I am finally getting some listening time with my new Theorem 720 and my JH 13 pro fp's.  When no music is playing at all I certainly get a hiss, it is quite hard to say the least if I can hear anything while the music is playing though, even when it is pretty quiet.  My question is will it hiss if I change my 13fp's to balanced?  I only ask because according to cypher labs:
    Low Gain
    • Single Ended Output = -9 dB
    • Balanced Output = -14.8 dB
  4. midnightwalker
    Same height with the quarter coin.
  5. BA_D_R
    I bought 2 small oscilloscopes to measure the max voltage on one side (left side driver) for a 1khz sine wave 0dB to verify what CypherLabs specifications.
    As I understood, at every AMPs and headphones specifications, the left side driver power + right side driver power = the published power specifications.
    This what I got, at 32 ohm load, max voltage peak to peak is:
    Low gain    720 mVpp
    Mid gain     3.0  Vpp
    High gain    6.4  Vpp
    So the max RMS output power (for one driver) will be:
    Low gain     4 mW  RMS
    Mid gain     70 mW RMS
    High gain    320 mW RMS
    I found this different from what CypherLabs published.
    Please correct me if i'm wrong.
    Thank you,,,
  6. iDesign
    Im considering purchasing the Theorem 720 but I've also taken a close look at the International+. Can someone share any reasons they would opt for the Cypher Labs product over ALO's? The analog input, small size, and lower noise floor of the International+ make it very appealing. 
  7. Ultrainferno
    1. Cause the Theorem and Audeze combo is SUPERB
  8. iDesign

    All good points, but what about with IEMs like the Etymotic ER4S? 
  9. fiascogarcia

    Plus $300 during their warehouse sale.
  10. Ultrainferno
    I have very sensitive monitors and the Theorem is a no go, unless I use an external amp
  11. PAM005

    Rights, you can use Theorem with Picollo amp to drive your sensitive IEM. Cypherlabs sound can be very addictive :wink:!
  12. midnightwalker
    Make sure that the International+ can replace built-in DAC on iOS devices. Last time I used the International and its DAC can not replace the built-in one.
    The Theorem can charge your phone while playing so you will not worry about your phone will out of battery when listening to music. Last but not least that Cypher Labs has A+ customer service and great quality products as well.
  13. ButtUglyJeff
    IOS devices will require the Camera Connection Trick (CCK) in order to use the International's on board DAC.  And that trick if far from a long term guarantee, as any IOS update could squash that ability without Apple even batting an eye...
    The upside of the CCK, is the ability to play high res stuff using 3rd party players like the Onkyo player and not have you files downsampled to 16/44 or whatever the max Apple has in place currently...
    The Theorem is a simple Lightning connection and go...
  14. Eugguy

    I can attest to the customer service of Cypher Labs. Best in the industry. I love my T720. Does the job to perfection! 
  15. tunes
    AK240 vs Theorem 720 DAC

    Has anyone made a comparison?
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