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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. lukeap69
    Or get the new Picollo.
  2. catcherfly
    I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on copper digital cables vs silver digital cables with the 720. I am going to buy a couple different lengths of lightning (for iPhone/iPad) to USB Mini from Forza Audio Works and they offer both OCC 7N Cryo Copper and Silver.
  3. deanorthk
    catcherfly, I've asked Forza audio the same questions:)
    I'll be going with the hybrid copper/silver version with the theorem, both for the usb mini to lod, and try also their XLR cables (230€ for 1m pairs). hope they'll turn to be good
  4. catcherfly

    Have you received your Forza cables yet? I'm wondering how the hybrid LOD cables sound with the 720
  5. deanorthk
    Sadly not yet, my theorem 720 is not here yet, so I've put a hold on my forza audio order...using my heir audio 5.0 as it is fopr the time beeing.
  6. lukeap69
    To those who use ipod touch as music transport, do you use the included lightning cable? I tried my brother's ipod and Flac player+ and I was disappointed with the SQ. Will Onkyo app provide a bit perfect output?
  7. Eugguy
    Ordered a 720 from moonaudio last week. Looking forward to how it pairs with:
    5th generation 64gb iPod touch
    Shure 846
    Sony MDR 7520
    Sennheiser HD8
    Sennheiser IE80
    Aurisonics ASG2
  8. Eugguy
    I've just received the 720...very nice. I have to say after trying out only my IEMS (ASG2, SE846, IE80) I am VERY happy with the sound I am receiving using the lighting adapter to 720. I have only had about 30 minutes so far, but I can describe the overall sound as being lush and neutral. Exactly what I was looking for. There is minimal hiss. I don't know what all the drama is about regarding the hiss and iems. It is knit-picking on such an incredibly small con. It's like saying you can't stand a gorgeous supermodel because she has a wrinkle on the back of her leg. Oh well, I was nervous reading how the hiss was too much for some, before receiving the 720. Now I am relieved that it is pretty much nonexistent. On low gain, I can barely hear a hiss...with the volume knob turned 10% the hiss is gone. Going from a c421, which was a nice unit, the 720 is a legitimate upgrade in quality/sound. 
  9. jimbojangles
    This is encouraging to hear as I have just purchased some SE846 IEMS and am aware of there low impedance. I'm after a mobile rig and have just got iPhone 4s , iPod Classic 2g, Mac Pro etc....and was very tempted on the Theorem 720 rather than go portable dap route but, like you, worried reading about hiss . Be interesting to see how your 720 and IEMS get on. Oh and sorry in advance as I'm very new to this forum.
  10. BA_D_R
    I just bought Theorem 720, i'm using it with ATH-M50 and Ultrasone Signature DJ
    I'm so happy with it, much more details and its amazingly can process the "Congested High Frequencies" parts.
    Sometimes I can hear a tiny hiss noise with my Ultrasone Sig DJ, So I can say there are no hiss noise with my Ultrasone Signature DJ.
  11. Eugguy
    David from Cypher Labs is probably the most honest man in Audio. Most audio types are snobs. David has been nothing but a man of humility and integrity who stands behind his products. I am a very happy customer and cannot tell you how much it means when the small people are treated with respect the right way. I won't go into detail, as my experience was more sensitive in nature. I don't know if I can ever deal with Moon-Audio, arrogance. I've been rudely turned down a few times for a simple request. There is a lack of respect for the customer. I've spent nearly $2000 dollars on equipment from him in the past few months. I now refuse to offer money to someone like this, even if a product is slightly above par. It isn't a good feeling, especially when you make purchases this big. A feeling of betrayal and arrogance once you pay. I'll give my premium dollar to not only a premium product, but premium service and respect. 
    But good news, the Theorem is truly an amazing machine. I'm glad I picked it up and can trust David to maintain a product and service that has integrity, grit and character built inside. There is alot of detail with musicality inside the Theorem. I hooked it up to my Macbook for the first time last week, amazing. A very buttery sound that extended smooth texture overall. No hiss out of the Macbook. Minimal hiss (5%)overall when using some of my more sensitive IEMs...roxanne, 846, asg2, ie80...no hiss when using full-sized headphones. 720 brings out the best in your headphones. 
  12. Eugguy
    I have to try the Ultrasone Sig DJ one day. I've never been a fan of any ultrasone headphone I've tried. 
  13. BA_D_R
    Yes indeed you must do.
    Ultrasone Sig DJ is just an amazing (closed-headphone) peace of art,, IMO....
    Its just amazing that I feel it have more than one driver :)
    It's sound separation is just unbelievable.
    It provides alot of small details that other headphone don't.
    you will hear new things at your music, actually it made me catch some mixing errors for alot of famous Djs (specially before 2008).
    And oh yes man, it made me realize how clean and crystal clear Michael Jackson's songs, and yes you will hear things at Michael Jackson tracks that you never knew it were existed before.
    Once you put your hands on Sig DJ
    Then just hear the sound separation at 1:25   just unbelievable
  14. BA_D_R
    Now I just saw the Theorem 720 price dropped to 699$
  15. kh600rr
    Hey guys, first off Id like to give a huge shout out to David from Cypherlabs! He recently replaced my CL Duet Amp, with a 720, after a issue I had with it. CL has been very responsive, in answering my emails, and the huge upgrade to a 720, was a big surprise.
    So I only had the 720 few days so far, and I love it. I mostly had my Duet paired with my AK-240,when driving my HD-800. So if any of you guys have a suggestions or cables that work well with the 720, bring it on!! Thanks
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