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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. cruzmiguel
    I got mine here:
    pretty sure you'd be able to find one nearer your area.
    midnightwalker likes this.
  2. Ultrainferno
    Have you seen the new Cypher Labs Piccolo? (I couldn't find a thread and don't feel like making one)
  3. cruzmiguel

    yep saw the Piccolo, looks promising, waiting on first impressions.
  4. hotfever

    U used a very wrong term to describe my "1 to rule all" ciem,its bass should be broom broom broom(due to the boost section is 40hz and below lol)
  5. hotfever
    If i go balanced for my ciem with 720,will i get more hiss as the voltage swing x2???anyone experience theorem with balanced ciem plzzzz
  6. catcherfly
    I am curious about this as well - I plan to convert one my iem cables to balanced.
  7. singleended58

    Absolutely no hiss with my HE400 skuld4 balanced but with IEM Miracle TCSW SE.
  8. hotfever

    So ur saying : balanced with absolute no-hiss,se with absolute yes-hiss lol,doesnt matter how many ohm ur iem is,if it is balanced termination we ll be in hiss free zone ????
  9. singleended58

    I think more hiss mostly with sensitive IEM such as Miracle.
  10. singleended58

    ...and Heir 4ai with TCWW balanced which is weird and I guess it depends to the 3rd party cable (?)
  11. hotfever
    I think we just miss my concern : balanced vs se on theorem for the hiss issue
  12. deanorthk
    just 3 more weeks to wait, and I'll be able to test both the theorem and the heir audio 5.0, I must admit that patience is a hard virtue to learn:)
  13. midnightwalker
    Congratz on your decision. Theorem is a great choice.
  14. deanorthk
    Any of You have tried another lod câble between iPhone and the theorem to see if it really improve things?
  15. LFC_SL
    You kind of have to otherwise just amping iPhone headphone output. If you are doing that might as well save money and get a fiio.

    But your ears as to what you hear and perceive.
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