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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. rudi0504

    Theorem has In Two Color First was In Black , now has In Copper Color and Gold is For limitation time .
    They make not from real Copper or Gold , thats would Be very expensive .
  2. rudi0504

    I havent heard and paired With T Peos Iem , since i have sold My T Peos H-100

    Theorem has hiss on BA driver iems , except on Two BA driver that i have :
    etymotic ER 4 PT
    Earsonic SM 64 v1 and v2
  3. rudi0504
    My Saturday on the Go ( inside a car on the back Row sit ) simple rig :

    Source : iPhone 4 s
    Dac / Amp : Cypher. Labs Theorem 720 In Copper Edition In MEDIUM gain
    Headphone : LCD XC With SAA Endorphin balance 4 PIN > 4 PIN Female To RSA / Kobicon balance
    Iem : Earsonic SM 64 v2
    Cable : Moon Audio Silver Dragon v1 Lod 30 PIN to mini USB
    Music file : WAV , AIFF and FLAC

    My impression :

    High : very Clear , clean and extended High With very Good presence og High
    Very Good clarity , i can hear The cymbals very detail and so Good on my. Theorem
    Mid : very sweet , Clear and clean mid , The midrange from My favorite. Chinese sanger Tong Li so intimate and lush
    Bass : very Good bass impact and very clean bass reproduction
    Separation: very Good separation that i can detect The instrument placement very Clear
    Sonudstage : Wide and very Good Depth In My LCD XC
    Hiss : No Hiss on My LCD XC and My Earsonic SM 64 v1 112 Ohm and v2 90 Ohm
    Background : black background

    Overall :
    I hear With Medium Gain and turn My volume at 9 o clock , i can hear all the detail and clarity With This set Up so Good
    This set Up is very Good For traveling Only 2 Stags and use IPhone 4 S or IPhone 5 S as my source
    If you like clarity and detail and sweet Clear midrange With very Good bass impact than This set Up is very Good For you


  4. PAM005
    I thougt the real Copper version was exclusive for the Facebook PROMO - now there are only 2 versions - BLACK & COPPER. The copper version is very glossy and looks like gold. A real eyecather. Sorry EARcatcher :wink:
    If you want to have an Eyecathing portable stack - go for the Copper Edition. And YES, it's a great match with ALL Audeze headphones!
  5. Hawkertempest
    I have a Theorem 720 connected to a 7th gen iPod 160gb Classic and I am currently running B&W P3 and P5's through it. I find the combination quite stunning. I play these on the low impedance setting and I have no "hiss" issues, just crystal clear sound. All my music is from high resolution sources, recorded on high quality equipment. I am a firm believer in garbage in garbage out. And oh boy if anything in your music chain has been compromised the 720 will definitely let you know it. Don't blame the 720, take a serious look at your gear and how you record it and it's original source. I have a  set of Beyerdynamic T1's for which I am ordering a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter from Moon Audio so I can connect them to the 720 also.
    This definitely is a world class Portable DAC/AMP.
  6. singleended58
    My Theorem is connected to iphone 4s using Heir 4ai with Toxic cable silver widow. Hiss does not bother me at all.
  7. PAM005
    I do use Theorem 720 DAC with InEars SD2 with balanced ALO SXC-24 cable. Working great for me....
  8. Ultrainferno
    That's a great combo, I tried that combo from a friend [​IMG]
  9. cruzmiguel
    mine is usually paired with an ipod.
  10. midnightwalker
    The cable looks great bro. What is it?
  11. hotfever
    Does it produce hiss with 40-50ohm ciem such as hidition nt6 pro(46ohm as i remember)
  12. midnightwalker
    Sure it does but you gonna sell your nt6pro soon so no worry dude [​IMG]
  13. cruzmiguel

    sorry for the late reply mate, which cable were you referring to?
    if its from the photo youre were asking, then its just regular techflex sleeving. :)
  14. hotfever

    U know what Midnitewanker....."beep" you
    just kidding,he is my friend :))
  15. midnightwalker
    Yes, that is the one. I am looking for the purple sleeving :D
    Lol you rather *beep* me first and then your nt6pro [​IMG] boom boom boom on bass =))
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