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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. sean76
    Hi there,
    Looking for the 4 pin Balance to RSA.  Where did you get yours?
  2. PolkManiac
    I'm in the same boat as you, so hopefully someone here will help us out.
  3. sean76
    I mean I don't even mind paying but there isn't even one available.  I guess custom make one?
  4. rudi0504

    Hi Sean76
    I bought my RSA balance connector from mouser electronic on line store

    Please write email to below email address :

  5. sean76
    So was it custom cable?  And how much?
    Thanks for the info!
  6. rudi0504

    I bought from Mouser only RSA balance connector
    My diy friend made for me balance 4 pin to RSA
    I paid about 150 USD

    If you live in USA , please ask moon audio or ALO or Norse Audio or whiplash Audio for the custom cable
  7. Austin Morrow
    My review is up.
  8. Ultrainferno
    Shameless plug. lol [​IMG]
  9. ksk75
    we have a great time :)
    sorry for the bad quality)
  10. fiascogarcia
    Nice website, BTW, very professional.  I enjoy your reviews!
  11. refault
    What's the size comparison (roughly) when compared to the Fostex HP-P1? Is the Theorem 720 somewhat "pocketable" like the HP-P1 is for quick, on-the-go uses? It looks a bit longer and slightly thicker than the HP-P1, but I'm just wondering if it would be small/compact enough to be able to somewhat comfortably fit in a pants (or jeans) pocket when connected/banded to an iPhone like the HP-P1 is.
    If it isn't that much bigger than the HP-P1, hmm... I might have to think about maybe getting a new replacement for my Fostex for portable use. It seems very attractive due to the battery life, although I'm still sort of conflicted on whether or not I should save up for the Duet (and match it with my CLAS -dB due to less hiss with IEMs, still using the HP-P1 for portable use) or if the Theorem might be better for just a little more. Hm...
  12. midnightwalker
    Both the HP-P1 and 720 never fit my Jean. The 720 is just a little bit thicker than the HP-P1 but the battery is double and it charges your iDevices. Battery life is the main reason I quit using the HP-P1 so soon. It is ridiculous when I have to spend 4 hours to charge but can only listen to it for 6-7 hours (ymmv). Both combo fit well in my jacket/hoodie pocket, but again not jean's :)
  13. IceClass
    One advantage of the HP-P1 over the 720 is that the Fostex can be recharged as you use it.
    I often take a small battery pack on a long journey just in case. If the battery fails, I can plug the battery pack into the USB DC In socket and keep listening.
    I like my Cypher labs equipment but AC chargers suck in a globalized mobile world.
  14. WizardKnight
    I wonder how the Chord Hugo which is much more expensive will compare to the Theorem 720?
  15. midnightwalker
    Do you think 15 hours music for a day is not enough? If you have 15 hours to listen music a day, you must be too rich to work or you have nothing else to do. You can always charge it when you get home. But yes, I agree, it would be better if the 720 can be charged via USB port while functions as a USB DAC.
    By the way, there are many reasons that made me part with the Fostex are:
    - No USB DAC function, the DAC section can only use for iDevice
    - Easy to scratch top and bottom
    - Built-in amp is too weak
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