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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. sean76
    I recently purchased 720cdemo from an authorized dealer and the package came with missing cables. I emailed both the dealer and cypher labs. David at cypher labs emailed me back right away asking for my shipping address. Free of charge and already shipping to me. That is superb service! I am very impress. And I cannot hear the noise with any of my full sized or portable headphones. Sounds great and lived up to the hype. Now let's hope it works with my Note 2.
  2. sean76
    I recently used the output of the theorem and plug it thur auxiliary in my car stereo. I used an old iphone with Spotify. The sound was surprisingly good.
  3. Austin Morrow
  4. sean76
    Which headphone is that? How do you like it?
  5. Austin Morrow
    HiFiMAN HE-500. And, it sounds absolutely pristine thus far.
  6. midnightwalker
    It looks beautiful. Congratz!
  7. Austin Morrow
    First impressions (my full review will come later). The Theorem 720 absolutely rips apart any poor recordings I have. All of my music is ALAC on my iPhone, but I'm starting to notice what's good and what's not good. The level of detail extraction and speed is something I've never heard that's this capable in a portable DAC/amp combo.
  8. rmilewsk
    Putting up with the hiss I heard coming from the 720 while listening with the JH audio 13 pros was not worth it to me. So I returned the 720 and now use an amp with the 13 pros that has no noticeable hiss.
  9. PolkManiac
    Agreed, I would not want to use this amp with a really fast headphone, it's best when mated with a forgiving headphone or something maybe a little laid back or warm sounding. It sounds great with my Momentum, P7, HD600 and even HE-500, but is just too much with my Grado and HD800. I'd love to hear this with some LCD cans...
  10. marcusd
    I really enjoyed it with my T70P actually. Very fast, clean and precise.
  11. sean76
    Where do you get your balanced XLR to RSA cable?  Most headphones come with the standard XLR.  I really don't want to spend 100 dollars on the cable.  Any decent place to get a cable for a good price?  
  12. Ultrainferno
    Why not just use one of the Neutrik connectors?
    Maybe I misunderstood.
  13. sean76
    I need something like this.  http://d1p66qganyivs8.cloudfront.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/800x600/17f82f742ffe127f42dca9de82fb58b1/s/i/silver_dragon_iem_adapter_rsa_1.jpg
    I didn't find any RSA adapter from your link.  
  14. Ultrainferno
    Oh ok, I read RCA [​IMG]
  15. sean76
    Right.  I figured that was the case.  Thanks anyways.
    I am looking for 4-pin XLR balanced to RSA balanced.  Want to pick up an alpha dog and deciding if I should bother w/ the balanced but I can't even find the conversion cable.  
    Moon audio has a mini XLR to RSA but I haven't seen a regular 4pin XLR to RSA.  
    One positive thing about the Centrance H8 is it has all the options but I really like the battery life of the Theorem.  I don't mind the hiss so much but I am pretty annoyed by the imbalance of the volume control at high gain.  It is very obvious.
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