Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo (The Original)
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Feb 10, 2006
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Feb 10, 2006
I am selling the original Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo (CLAS) preferred by many Head-Fiers. This is the CLAS to own, with the original Wolfson DAC and 2 Vrms output, almost twice as powerful as the immediate follow-up model with the AKM DAC. Many feel it has deeper bass and more slam than the db.
The CLAS DAC for sale is in 100% perfect working condition, has only VERY minor wear and comes with all original parts including the stock interconnect package or optional high-end ALO Audio CLAS interconnects (see below).
The original CLAS DAC turns your iPod, iTouch, iPhone or iPad into a high-end transport. Extracting the pure USB digital feed by bypassing the Apple DAC and using the CLAS asynchronous processing for a pristine reclocked output (and no op-amps in the output stage) makes a big difference sonically IMO.
I am the original owner. The CLAS  DAC has only been used in smoke-free, pet-free environments and always housed in a protective ALO amp bag when in transit.
Cosmetically, there are just a few barely noticeable marks on the back of the DAC metal casing, some very slight silk-screen wear on the front (with one small scratch on one of the logo letters - see pic) and some minor surface marks on the charger (see pics). The interconnects have some normal silk-screen wear and light markings from traveling separately from the unit when in transit but all work and sound great!
I bought the CLAS from ALO Audio for $579 in 2011. All the original parts, packaging, manual, receipt and parts are included – stock USB to LOD cable, extra mini-to-mini audio cable, battery charger, manual and three amp straps (unopened).
PLUS – for $150 extra as a package with the CLAS ($475 total) I am also offering the high-end ALO Audio Algorhythm Solo interconnect package which I originally bought from ALO. Both the mini-to-mini cable and USB to LOD interconnect are made from 22 AWG copper cables and while they also have normal silk-screen wear and light marks on the plugs from normal use, they are both 100% perfect working condition and sound great. (I would also sell this interconnect package separately for $190).
I am only selling the CLAS and ALO interconnects because I recently upgraded to a custom AK 120 DAP from Red Wine Audio for 24 bit fully balanced playback on the go. I accept payments through Paypal. I am not interested in any trades.
All shipment fees and payment processing is handled by the seller. I will only ship to United States and Canada (please add $15 to the order if you live in Canada). Thank you for your oonsideration. PM with questions or to pull the trigger on this offer.
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