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CX400 II VS Klipsch S4

  1. hcu5
    Hi!, i was wondering which of the two is better? I've owned a pair of CX300II and they we're great.. Hows Klipsch S4 compared to CX400II (or Cx300II) i like bass btw. I listen to everything.
  2. hcu5
     also, I would order both but i cant get either where i live so ill have to get them shipped overseas. Which would be better (as a previous CX300ii user).
  3. hcu5
    Bump. BTW Theres barely anything in this forum about sennheiser cx400 ii, is it that bad? :p. I know bose is horrible XD. Also dont wanna bother with Amps and did check Re0 (sounds to not fun for me) and the apple earphones (dont trust apple earphones) and checked Shure products not shure about them (get the joke? ) also monster turbines didnt seem to be good. Anything in the 60-80$ range (shippings gonna cost me too)
    Thank you audiophiles i love you all xD
  4. Xcellent
    Hi there hcu5,
    I cannot tell how the Shure's or the Klipsch S4 sound so I cannot compare them to the CX400-II. I got mine CX400 early in 2009 and I loved them then. It was my first ''high-priced IEM's''. But after about 6-7 months it became boring and my need for a better quality IEM's became bigger and bigger, ultimately buying the Westone 3 and using my CX-400-II as an emergency back-up :).
    The CX400-II handles the bass pretty well. It has a nice punch and works good with rock and hip-hop. The texture and details with the bass are not that good though, but I hope you don't really expect that for this price. High are kind of sharp and not very ''clean''. The thing where the CX400-II really shines is at the Noice- Cancellation. I live in a very busy city and used my pair at the subway, school, work and around traffic and it really cancels everything out. Even if the phone is ringing at home or when you do a #2 at the toilet.... [​IMG]. Getting a fit is not a problem with these IEM's. You get loads of accessories with it to ensure you get the right fit. I suggest you do some research on the other IEM's you are thinking to purchase.  If you have any questions about the CX400-II or want more details just ask.
    Some links you might want to have a look at if you didn't already.
    Klipsch S4 Reviews
    Klipsch S4 vs Turbine
    Klipsch S4 vs RE-0
    Klipsch S4 vs Shure SE115 (When you said Shure I assumed you ment the SE115, since thats the only one in this price range.)
    As for shipping, I'm sure most autorized dealer will ship overseas. I live in Europe and bought my pair from Sennheiser itself. It got automaticlly got shipped from Germany, since it wasn't in stock with them in the Netherlands. If there aren't any dealer in you're country you may have to pay to get it shipped to your destination. Make sure the shipping is insured. It may cost extra, but its worth the trouble you might save when shipping overseas. Also, there are alot of fake CX400-II's out there, so make sure you buy them from a trusted supplier.
    If you got further questions, feel free to ask [​IMG].

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