cx300 vs nuforce ne-7
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Oct 7, 2009
Hey, first post here.
I'm wondering if people can make a comparison between these two headphones. Reason is I was set on ordering the nuforce ne-7's for about $50 from amazon after reading great reviews. NuForce NE-7M Stereo Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible): Electronics

But then I found this link for the sennheisers that sells them for $16.49
Sennheiser CX300 Stereo Earphones - Black in Corded Headphones at

I've heard pretty good things about the cx300's as well. I'm wondering how the two compare? Curious to know if the NE-7s are that much better than the cx300 to justify spending the extra ~$33?
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Dec 29, 2008
I had the NE-7M until about a month ago, and my son replaces his broken/destroyed CX300s about every 3 months, so I know both of these phones pretty well.

Both IEMs have good impact, but the bass in the CX300 just overwhelms the sound on any songs that have bass in them. The mids are fine, but the highs are too muted to me, even without the over-boomy bass.

The NE-7M has strong and deep bass, but not nearly as boomy as the CX300. And the highs are very strong, and can be a little fatiguing on the brain after long listening. The mids are a bit lower than the CX300, so the CX300 is a tad warmer in that regard. But it is a good bit clearer and more detailed than the CX300 -- when you compare the 2 directly, the CX300 sounds muddy.

If you don't need the mic on the NE-7M, look at the NE-6. It is the exact same phone as the NE-7M, but with out the mic, and at only $40, it is a much better choice over the CX300.
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Mar 2, 2009
NE-7M/NE-6, no contest. It manages to provide the same visceral bass impact as the CX300 without drowning in low-end mud. Theres just no comparison in clarity and detail, especially at the very low- and high- ends.

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