customs tax?
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Feb 27, 2006
hmm this might not be the right place for this but i hope you can help. i wanna buy some e4c's from earphone solutions and i live in the UK. Do you think i will have to pay any customs charges? How much if any?
Thanks in advance
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Jun 14, 2004
The honest answer is 'maybe'.

Customs duty is payable on imported items (based on the product type) some goods are subject to a trade duty to penalise the exporting country for certain practises (though headphones are not currently on this hit list and I think are charged at 3.5%).

Theoretically if the value of the goods PLUS postage costs is over around £35you will have customs duty added, vat (17.5%) added to that and an admin charge by the collector of the duties. This can work out at between 20-30% on top of the cost. It depends how the sender marks the value and whther it's declared to be a gift.

You may get lucky and it get's delivered unchecked and hence no duties. That's the lottery part of this but on the basis that you will probably get charged more often than not.

If the cost including customs etc is still cheaper than the UK then you win - if you fon't get hit by duty you win more. If you plan on the price being cheaper only if no customs duty gets added you can lose.

It's been debated a fair bit here so search if you want more opinions.

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