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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. kubig123
    All the units are black so you cannot see the components...
    May be there is a DD hidden inside :ksc75smile:
  2. Hanesu
    Mmmmm.....no idea what’s inside, but anybody else thinks solid black customs look soooo sexy? Like black onyxes...☺️

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  3. acain
    @subguy812 looks like your ears are deeper then mine hahaha, you know what they say the bigger the ears the more balanced armatures they can fit. The Custom Art's Unknown custom has arrived at my door step, looks like @piotrus-g has been hard at work again not like he ever stopped. He has been testing and creating something that will make people wonder what he has been fine tuning. Other then what they look like nobody really knows anything about these new ciems, so far what I know is they sound pretty damn good so far. Only time will tell for how I really feel about them, I have a good feeling about them though.
  4. rantng
    Those black shells w/small CA logo are just so sexy. Looking forward to hearing more about these.
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  5. acain
    The all black is just a classy tuff look. They say it doesn't matter what's on the outside but what's on the inside, I disagree i wouldn't want to stick something that looked like a pickle in my ear.
  6. rantng
    It is classic. The funny thing is when it comes time to design my own CIEMs, I always feel compelled to try something other than classic, nothing crazy mind you. Although I'd rather stick a pickle in my ear than some of the over-the-top designs I've seen out there.
  7. subguy812
    On another thread I said I was asked not to worry about design but wow I found them super sexy
  8. megabigeye
    Forgive the potentially stupid question, but are the FIBAE models available as universal or custom only? I've seen the pictures of universals in this thread, but can't find them on the Custom Art website, so wondered if they're for review only.

  9. rawrster
    Both. You would need to mention that you want universal when you order them. I've asked the same question in the past and it isn't that clear. A universal option in the ordering process would be a better process than adding a note.
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  10. Deezel177

    FX (1).jpg
  11. piotrus-g
    "You can have any color you like as long as it's black" :D
    Yes, you can - for now, please use online designer to select options you like and then at the check out please add comment that the order is for universal fit
    It will be added soon! We have this on our to do list.
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  12. megabigeye
    @rawrster and @piotrus-g
    Awesome. Thanks for the answers. Just starting to think about getting an "endgame" (Ha! Right!) earphone, so this helps.
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  13. subguy812
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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  14. subguy812
    As is always the case, this does a lot of things right however there are a couple of cons, but I think I'll wait to mention those until I see what the other reviewers say.

    Or should I say wishes as opposed to cons?
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  15. acain
    First thing that I noticed was the sense of openness.
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