CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. PinkyPowers
    Oh, it's a very good pairing. The DX150, while warm, has a crap load of energy and dynamics, which helps cut through the very warm tone of the ME. Instead of this setup sounding too warm, it comes off beautifully analogue and old-school. :D
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  2. Kagelou
    Thanks for the quick response!
    Nice, even more reason to lean towards the DX150.
    I was initially worried that the warm tone of both the DX150 and ME would be too much but glad to hear that's not the case.

    Now to find an authorized retailer of the DX150...too bad I don't see them attend that many events in Tokyo =/
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  3. Yuurei
    I'm into my 9th and I'm hoping that for CIEMs it's like nine month for babies :wink:
  4. Kagelou
    Oh wow, did you get your MEs from the first drop?
    You're in Poland though, I assume shipping shouldn't take that long.
  5. Yuurei
    Oh, sorry. Mine are not MEs from the drop. I ordered FIBAE3.
    And even better I'm in the same city as CA so I'm waiting for a chance for another visit there :)
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  6. Kagelou
    Oh I see, guess they have different processing time for each model?
    Hopefully mine gets to me within the next month or so, would like to bring them on my travels.

    Wish I could visit Sweden, would definitely want to visit the lab!
  7. Yuurei
    I think that processing is the same for every model. It is just a lot of orders to process (which is a good thing I suppose) so it's just takes a little more time than usual.

    Sweden? You mean Poland as CA's lab is based in Warsaw? :wink:
  8. Kagelou
    Hm, I was told mine would be completed in around 6-7 weeks and I ordered mine a month ago o.o

    Yes yes, I meant Poland to visit lab haha, dunno why I said Sweden
    I do want to visit Sweden too though, was planning to visit for business around 2 months ago but got cancelled.
  9. Yuurei
    I think that is the beauty of things that are crafted and not being done by a machines. Sometimes it just takes longer than expected but it is worth it. I strongly believe that you're soon going to enjoy the sound of ME :)
  10. piotrus-g
    Orders are processed accordingly to date of receiving impressions and payment, I think the @Yuurei's were one of the last pcs that came from our backlogged period. By now we managed to mostly catch up and orders should be processed faster.
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  11. Kagelou
    Agreed, I don't mind waiting since I know it will be worth it in the end.
    Looking forward to seeing my MEs especially since I left design up to the team!

    @piotrus-g , will you be at the POTAFES tomorrow/Sunday in Akiba?
    Plan to visit one of the days.
  12. homzik
  13. Kagelou
  14. piotrus-g
    I will be at Custom Art booth :)
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  15. Kagelou
    Awesome, looking forward to meeting you then!
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