CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. piotrus-g
    Same shell
    Custom Art Stay updated on Custom Art at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  2. ezekiel77
    Owing to the gradient-like faceplate, it looks like your F3 being teleported to this new one haha.
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  3. Kagelou
    Hi all,

    Recently returned to head-fi, in look for a new IEM/CIEM.
    I am relatively new to the CIEM market, as the only one I have used in the past is an Ety with ACS custom sleeves (silicone).
    Other than my Etys, I have been using my V-Moda M80s for quite some time on my commute to work, but looking for something with more isolation, hence IEM/CIEM.

    I have made a separate thread on my interests in IEMs here, but for CIEM, I am interested in Custom Art.

    Which one of the CustomArt CIEMs most resembles a relatively warm, mid-bass/bass centric sound?
    Fibae 2? Noticed that there is a new model, the Fibae ME as well, any dates on release/possible price point?

    I am not too much of a fan of analytical sound (tried CK10), hence I am skeptical of going BA in the first place, but interested in whether BAs can produce a warm sound similar to dynamics.

    Will be powering through OnePlus 3T or Fiio X5 + E12A Mont Blanc, doubt the CIEMs would require this power though.

    Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  4. crabdog
    The F2 definitely fits your description. Fear not, the sound is warm and musical and not near what I would call analytical.
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  5. Kagelou
    Thanks for the quick reply!
    I see, so is the Fibae 3 a bit more colder/focused on the high end than the Fibae 2?
    From my understanding, F2 has a 1 low/mid and 1 high driver, F3 has 1 sub-low, 1 full range, and 1 high driver, so I thought Fibae 3 would reach down lower and maybe have a warmer tone?
    (the upgrade between F2 and F3 is too big of a jump so if I were to get a CIEM, wouldn't mind paying a little extra)
  6. crabdog
    My F3 hasn't arrived yet so I can't comment on the differences. But there are several members here with both CIEMs and I'm sure they'll elaborate on this. @Deezel177 @subguy812
  7. muffins
    I don't know if it is within your budget, but the Fibae ME is designed to sound like a dynamic almost. Very warm and musical
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  8. Kagelou
    I see, so you have a F2 at the moment. May I ask what type of music you listen to and whether you EQ your source when using the F2?
    I actually became interested in CustomArt (F3) after reading Deezel's review on theheadphonelist!

    Yes, I read through the thread and saw that it resembles a dynamic.
    Considering the fact that is is a 6-driver CIEM though, doubt it is within my budget (~1,000 USD).

    To be honest, I feel that my search has 2 options;
    1. Go with a universal IEM, around $150
    2. Splurge for a CIEM, max budget around $1,000 (since I understand the comfort of CIEM vs universal)

    I don't feel like a $400~$500 universal IEM is worth it, would just pay a couple more for a nice CIEM =/
    However, my past experience with BAs has me stuck with dynamics, hence the dilenma
  9. kubig123
    Actually the Fibae Massdrop costs $819 plus shipping, and I honestly think is a great deal (like the price for all the Fibae models).
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  10. crabdog
    Ok, first of all I never use eq. The main reason being I'm usually listening to something that I am reviewing so it would kinda defeat the purpose.

    Secondly, I listen to all kinds of music but predominantly post and progressive rock, jazz, hiphop, classical and electronic.

    The F2 is a good all rounder, perhaps not ideal for classical but certainly not bad for it either.
  11. Deezel177
    The FIBAE ME was already released for around $800-900, but it’s a Massdrop exclusive, so you’ll have to wait for the next drop period to buy it. The FIBAE 2 sounds much like what you’re looking for, but I’d recommend waiting for another FIBAE ME drop because it sounds like exactly what you’re after.

    That’s exactly what the FIBAE 3 is: Brighter, airier and treble-focused. It’s important to note that driver configurations have almost nothing to do with where the sound is focused. It’s important to read impressions and reviews on sound, rather than just rely on technical information.
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  12. subguy812
    I have not yet heard the FIBAE ME but as Deezel stated it can't be sold outside of Massdrop, so you would have to wait for the next drop. The F2 has a very engaging, musical tone and I think it would appeal to you more than the F3, based on your own description of what you are looking for. From the descriptions I have read of the signature, the ME seems it may be your ultimate, but I can't personally vouche for it since I haven't heard it.
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  13. msiekkb
    FIBAE ME or Ei.3 with other cable. FIBAE2 sound signature are different than V-80, F2 have more treble and hardness bass.
  14. Kagelou
    Thanks for sharing the price point, just checked the Fibae Massdrop and noticed the price is not displayed since the drop has ended =/
    Yes, it does seem like the Fibae line has high value/cost performance, one of the reasons it intrigued me.

    I see, I don't EQ either, just use the bass boost on my E12A when using my Etys.
    Good to hear that the F2 is an all rounder, I mainly listen to Rock, J-Pop (mainly female vocal), and EDM.

    I'm new to Massdrop, but read through the discussion for the Fibae ME and saw that CustomArt mentioned there WILL be another drop.
    I assume this was their first drop, but if not, do you know when was the last one? Not really in a rush to get a new pair of ears, but would like to know whether my wait will be 1~2 months or 6~12 months!

    Noted on the Fibae 2, Fibae 3, Fibae ME and that I should pretty much ignore driver configurations. Will read more on the Fibae 2 and 3, ME as well if there are any in-depth guides already.

    Guess I will wait for the next drop for now, registered on Massdrop and "requested" the MEs.
    Really wish I could try out the MEs beforehand since many people are recommending it =/

    I see, did not consider the Ei.3 but it is certainly within price range if I go with CIEM, cheaper than the F3 o.o
    Interesting that you recommend the F3 over F2, especially comparing to the V80. I thought that the F2 would more resemble the V80s since CustomArts "compare" function sets F3's high at 10 and F2's high at 7.

    Thank you all for the input! Really glad that the community hasn't changed at all; helpful and clear advice as always!

    Good new; I contacted a bunch of IEM retailers in the region (I live in Tokyo) and was able to find one that offers testing of not only the IEMs I mentioned in my first post here but also universal versions of all Custom Art CIEMs.
    Obviously, they won't have Fibae ME, but I will be able to try out the Ei.3, F2, and F3 at the store.

    Based on that, I will need to gauge whether I should go with the MEs...what are the key differences between the F2 and ME for example?
    Just looking at the tech specs, seems that ME focuses on the lower range, so I assume it is warmer and has good, punchy bass, maybe geared towards EDM and Electronic?
  15. Deezel177
    I compared the FIBAE 2 and the ME earlier in the thread, with some input from @piotrus-g himself as well. I think it's a page or two back, but please keep in mind that my F2 is custom silicone and the ME I tried was an acrylic universal demo. The previous drop was indeed the very first drop and it ended a few weeks ago IIRC. The previous Massdrop-exclusive Custom Art IEM - the Ei.XX - had multiple drops every few months spanning a year or two, so you have nothing to worry about. :) In Japan, I'd recommend visiting E-Earphone. The one I visited in Akihabara had a pretty impressive inventory. Keep in mind that E-Earphone's CIEM store is separate from their main store. They should have all the info you need on their webpage.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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