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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. piotrus-g
    Think F2+F3
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  2. davidcotton
    So the bass and warmth of the 2 mixed with the clarity and reference of the 3? I'm assuming you've made it possible so the two don't contradict each other? Or is it more than that?
  3. MXRaia
    The Black sounds more natural than the F3. I think the Black sounded best with those slower songs where the vocals and acoustic guitar are all that matter. It has this quality of making vocals touch your heart.

    The F3 has better sub-bass, so I’d take the F3 for more exciting genres like EDM and rap.

    The only reason I passed on the Black’s preorder price is I’m waiting for the next flagship. If Piotr can make something this great with 1 driver, can you imagine how the next Harmony will be?
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  4. annasoh323
    Say, what faceplates are people going for with their Blacks? I thought the Icewood looked nice but I'm curious to see what others might be pairing. Going for stealth to make it blend it or something wild to make it pop?
  5. davidcotton
    I just went all black with silver logos on both sides. In my mind the black doesn't really lend itself to fancy artwork with the rest of the shell being black. Willing to be proved wrong though, so if any (most I imagine!) of you have done different let's see the pictures.
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  6. jeffhawke
    That makes F5, not F4 :smile:
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  7. annasoh323
    The hard part is looking at their earphone builder and imagining the rendered image as a real device in my ears that people see when they walk past my cubicle. I'm wondering if there will be any color blending at the borders between the black and a colored acrylic. Would a white faceplate create a graying fade effect?
  8. CalvinW
    That's good. I'm looking forward to your next silicone IEM then!
    Acrylic never worked for me. My acrylic FIBAE 3 just felt off and I end up hardly ever using it.
    The silicone IEM tips I got from you on the other hand are spectacular!
  9. jago
    Clear faceplates for me. No logo. Want to see that tubing!
  10. lengyeljani
    I love the clarity of F3, while commuting, I just focus on the music. As my first CIEM I enjoy the great seal, so good to keep out every noise and don't need to crank up the volume. Maybe one another IEM would be OK for more laid back listening but then again I'm not sure which would be better complement F3... Black or maybe F2? Decisions, decisions :)
  11. jeffhawke
    Another one waiting for FIBAE 4, I guess...
  12. lengyeljani
    No-no, the F3 was like the max I would spend on a single IEM. If anything more expensive I would rather get another full size can, or upgrade my dac etc. That's why I was so tempted by the Black pre-order price.
  13. piotrus-g
    The bass would be mix of both, so fast attack, with good sub-bass depth (F3) and warm mid-bass of F2. Mixed with clarity of F3 and linearity of highs of F2. The highs extension is best in our range

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I think some Blacks will see the most interesting faceplates design we have ever done. I guess when people can't change shell color they go all out on faceplates :D Still there are plenty of "just normal" designs. Icewood black blends nice with Black opaque shells.

    Yeah I considered making a joke on that. :D

    transparent color faceplate will have a "fade" effect, but solid faceplate will not. So if you choose white solid, the black rim around the edge of the IEM will not show through faceplate, but with white transparent would.
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  14. jeffhawke
    Sounds awesome! Linearity of highs is to me more important than extension, as at my age everything beyond 15kHz is silence...
  15. Deezel177
    Well, everything beyond 15kHz in music as a whole is silence. Typically, an IEM's last peak occurs at 12kHz before roll-off.
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