Custom Pimeta Case *pics*
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For the record, it was two posts - Mr. Skyline piled on, although in a much more tactful manner. I realize colonelkernel8 may have over-promoted this in his enthusiasm and has a bit of the "bump-itis" in the For Sale section, but Bjornboy81 is right.

As if an amp box is going to see any stress ... a reasonable fillet of Titebond on the inside of the corners will hold that box together forever without even applying glue to the face of the joint. I also agree with the end grain facing - it's sanded and finished well - the contrast is interesting and it's on the back anyway. If it was end-butted and not even sanded flush, you might have an argument ... but it was done quite nicely.

Sometimes one person's hype is another one's enthusiasm. I hate to think we've been reduced to criticising someone's case work in a public forum, regardless of the buildup. One thing's for sure - I'm not constructing a wood case and posting pics around here - I hate mitred joints.

I apologize for my post, I didn't realize that some constructive criticism would fuel such sparked debate. I'd rather have someone tell me what was wrong with my work and offer some advice so I can improve in the future rather than just having everyone say, "Great work!!" but hey, that's just me.
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In fact, I could make a case 100x better (both visually, and build-wise), but it isn't going to be used on a Pimeta. Keep in touch for my Millett Max case build.

Ok, with the slight mood on this thread I'm not even gonna post my half-baked wood stuff.

But I'll be anxious to see your MAX enclosure.
Seems most are putting them in the recommended enclosures so far which is fine, but I know I'm gonna go for more of a standard tube amp enclosure with my MAX. And I'll even order the materials to build it instead of scavenging whatever I happen to have lying around in the garage this time.
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I hate to be a buzz kill, but looking over the pictures those glue joints aren't very sound. You're gluing end-grain. What do you have in terms of joint reinforcement?

boy, this is a tough crowd, to me looks like a fine job...

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I think it's a fine looking case , that and we see so little real wood used in cases these days or for that matter in any reasonably priced products , all plastics and metals (usually cheap).

To me it harkens to the americana and amateur art of the past that goes for big money now and that I also think is a very honest representation of expression. One person making a usefull or emotional item that is not formerly trained , however the workmanship and design is unique and purposefull. I think your case acheives that nicely.

On the tech side of things also you have very nice alingment of all the I/O and the volume and power connects must have took some time , the finish work on the inside of the case is also very nice don' see that alot.

As far as criticism from others I find this quote usefull from Oscar Wilde.

"The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.
The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography.
Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault." Wilde

Link to the full preface quote for Eagleboy if you have not read it , may come in handy as an art major
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Thanks! And to think, it was all because I drilled the wrong size holes for the tubes.

Nicest mistake that I've seen in a long time...well done!

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