Custom molds for Shure SE530
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Jun 10, 2008
Hi guys.
I'm planing to get custom molds for my Shure SE530 from Custom Molded Audio Earpieces from AverySound.comCustom iPod Earpiece, Custom MP3 Player Earpiece, Custom CD Player Earpiece.

I think it will make music listening more comfortable and enjoyable. I have one concern though. I'm using black olives for now, because for me it's best fits and gives very nice sound and punchy bass. It's sounds great when I put earphones in my ears and foam spreads out nicely. Then I noticed that if I touch them during playback, sound becomes a bit dull and bass gets weaker. Therefore I think when they are freely suspended in the foam they should sound better then if they are not suspended as may be in the case of custom molds. So what you guys think, should i be worried or not? Just wondering if somebody has and using custom molds with SE530 already. I appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
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That's not too bad for custom fitted molds ... I'm also interested to see how they turn out. Anyone know of any other companies offering fitted mold services like this?
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It would be good to get feedback. Unless the entire housing is part of the custom mold (like UE10, -11) I can't possibly see how these could sound better than foams. Plus keep in mind that even if they are more comfortable they will stick out of your ears much farther and this could be a nuisance. Any time the nozzle tip length to the eardrum increases (as I believe would be the case here) the SQ will worsen. Somebody feel free to correct me if I am wrong on that.
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My Shure 530's seal so well already that I'm not sure what the custom upgrade would provide. I get a perfect seal with both the small and medium olives. I used to own the ETY's years ago and had them custom molded and found them uncomfortable even tho the fit was perfect. Most of the time I wear cans, either my RS-1's as first choice when noise issues aren't a concern or my Audio Technica ESW9's when I'm on the subway. I am finding however, I am drawn more and more to the Shure's. As a result lately I've been tempted to take the plunge and go for the UE11's but I just don't know if they'd be worth the extra coin. The Shures just sound so warm and inviting. I personally like the recessed highs cause that used to annoy me greatly in the ETYs. I get a perfect seal. Maybe I'll just leave well enough alone
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Thanks Raelamb.
I'm getting perfect seal as well. But this procedure of putting earphones quite annoying for me. And after one hour foam start irritate my ears. That's why I start thinking about custom molds.
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Originally Posted by shrisha /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just wondering if somebody has and using custom molds with SE530 already. I appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

There have been a number of threads on this topic in the past. To summarize: Both Westone and Sensaphonics make custom molds for the Shure 500/530. As I recall, the Westones have a reputation for breaking IEM stems while the Sensas molds attenuate highs.

For details have a conversation with your friend Search. A search for *mold* in titles yields over 150 hits.
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I would love to post pics, but feeling a tad lazy... The best way to wear a Shure with the supplied sleeves is:

1. Gently hold the top of your ear (Your finger should gently grip a part of the cartilage as well, but don't grip your ear from the base)

2. Pull the ear upward and slightly towards the back of your head (never pull it outward towards your cheeks)

3. In this position, your ear canal should be straightened... insert your shures and in a screwing action, turn them slightly anti-clockwards to seat them securely.

I use my E4Cs with the soft gray flex sleeves and get a great fit with ~ 100% isolation every time!
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Originally Posted by ahdui /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I've my Shure e500/SE530 with westome um56 and both the IEM and custom mould have been going strong for more than 1 year.


Does anyone know a european online suppliers of westone um56 canal molds? there's none listed on their webpage.



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