Custom IEM question

  1. wolfmobil
    I have almost brand new Noble Kaiser Encore IEMs. I don't like the feeling of the IEMs so deep in my ear canal. I realize these are custom tailored for my ears, but is there a way to sell them for some pennies on the $ at all?
  2. rantng
  3. wolfmobil
    How much should I factor in? They were $2499. Can I sell them for $800?
  4. rantng
    I suggest you check the 'For Sale' thread. You should be able to find previous listings to get an idea of a fair asking price. You should be able to get more than $800 for them.
  5. wolfmobil
    Thanks. Problem is it says I don't have sufficient privileges to post for sale.
  6. rantng
    Looks like the requirement is 15 posts. You're almost there. I'm not saying just post random garbage, try to contribute. In the meantime, you can still check the 'For Sale' thread.
  7. wolfmobil
    Thank you for the advice!
  8. rantng
    Sure thing. Look at that, you're already at 13 posts! Hehe :wink:
  9. wolfmobil
    Gotta try to move these babies.
  10. Wyville
    How old are your Nobles? Noble recently changed their ownership transfer policy and for CIEMs sold after 1/1/2017 they can't be reshelled by Noble and thus needs to be done by a third party like InEarz.
  11. wolfmobil
    June-July 2017
  12. JimmyPlant
    Probably a bit late in the day but....are they still for sale?


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