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Allegiant Technologies, Inc. (US)
51 Pamela Lane
Amesbury, MA 01913
Tel: +1 (978)-388-0484
Fax: +1 (978)-388-2205

Allegiant’s FCC-compliant Model 150 system, which will be available assembled or in kit form, is a low power transmitter with a range of 100 feet that operates in the Standard FM (88-108 MHz) band, allowing the use of off-the-shelf FM stereo Walkman-type units as receivers. Complete systems comprise a Model 150 Transmitter, a Model 150 PrE-Q/Limiter and Model 110 FMR PLL Stereo Receivers. Allegiant recommends its CP-A1 Canalphones for use with the system.

Aura Sound (US)
2335 Alaska Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245
Vox: +1 (310) 643-5300
Fax: +1 (310) 643-9463

Aura Sound manufactures a variety of transducers including the DSK-50 Bass Shaker™, a tactile transducer with patented inverted voice coil that attaches to the center pole of virtually all drum thrones. The Bass Shaker converts sound into energy, enhancing EWM systems with low frequency resonance and impact.

Beyer Dynamic UK Ltd. (UK)
17 Albert Drive
Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH159TN
Tel: +44 (0)1444 258258
Fax: +44 (0)1444 258444

Beyer Dynamic offers its SMS Stereo IEM Monitoring System only in Europe. The system comprises the SMT 600 single-channel transmitter, SMR 600 receiver and DT 600 in-ear monitors. The SMT 600 features EQ and stereo imaging of both transmitting channels or a 2-channel mode with two separate sources. Any number of receivers can be used with one transmitter.

Boling Engineering Associates (US)
P.O. Box 462535
Garland, TX 75046-5073
Vox: +1 (972) 276-5073

The TDM-8 and TDM-16 Main Consoles accept eight or sixteen inputs and drive eight or sixteen Output Mixer Stations respectively, allowing individuals to create their own monitor mix. Channel inputs and power from the Main Console are linked to each Output Mixer Station via a TV-type coax cable. The built-in amplifier will drive headphones or speakers.

Firehouse Productions (US)
1470 Route 199
Milan, NY 12571
Vox: +1 (845) 758-9898

Bryan Olson, well known for his custom stage monitoring setups, has introduced the Firehouse 6500 two-way EWM, utilizing Knowles-balanced armature drivers and a passive crossover network. The shells are soft acrylic bonded to a hard polyvinyl backshell.

Future Sonics (US)
P.O. Box 187
Pineville, PA 18946-0187
Vox: +1 (215) 598-8828/ Fax: +1 (215) 598-8827
Toll free, USA: 1 (877) FSI-EARS

Future Sonics’ Ear Monitors® brand EWMs are custom fitted. The same custom fit and features are available with the EM2, a dual-driver design offering extended upper band response. The company also recently introduced the EM3 universal earphone, under the brand name Future Sonics EARS™, for the budget-minded. Future Sonics has also released a ‘next generation’ driver for the Ear Monitors® brand, the custom MG4, which purportedly offers up to 8dB more sensitivity.

The Guitammer Company Inc. (US)
P. O. Box 82
Westerville, Ohio 43086
Vox: +1 (614) 470-5681
Fax: +1 (815) 346-9532
Toll free, USA: 1 (888) 676-2828

The Guitammer Company manufactures the ButtKicker™ Shaker, a patented electromagnetic transducer that converts low frequency signals into movement of either air or structure. The device, a new class of linear motor that is precisely controlled by frequency, is designed to enable bass players and drummers to feel the low end when using EWM systems, or to supplement stage monitor systems.

LEM Professional Audio Equipment (Italy)
Generalmusic S.p.A.
Via delle Rose, 12
San Giovanni in Marignano
47842 (RN)
Vox +39 0541 959511
Fax +39 0541 957404

LEM, a division of Generalmusic, offers two IEM systems. The PM16C stereo 6-channel UHF PLL Synthesized personal monitor system comprises the PM16C TX ? rack chassis transmission unit, the PM16C RX bodypack receiver and a choice of Koss, Westone or custom earphones. The PM1C is a mono factory-preset VHF system comprising the PM1C TX transmission unit (also- rack), the PM1C RX single channel receiver and KOSS ‘The Plug’ earphones.

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Inc. (US)
660 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Vox: +1 (312) 432-1714
Fax: +1 (312) 432-1738

Sensaphonics manufactures a range of professional earphone monitors, including the ProPhonic 2X, a visually transparent, dual micro-transducer in a hard acrylic, custom-molded shell with a flexible canal portion. The ProPhonic 2X-Soft offers a soft silicone ear mold and features a dual micro-transducer design for powerful bass response and clear mid and high frequency reproduction. The ProPhonic 2000 offers the 2X dual-transducer design in a full shell custom ear mold (the 2X uses a smaller half shell). The modular drivers of the ProPhonic IV are housed in precision Ultrasoft custom ear molds that provide up to 26dB of isolation. The ProPhonic 321 is a significant advancement in IFB earpiece technology that places a micro-transducer directly into the ear canal. Sensaphonics’ ER-15/25 high fidelity earplugs, for those exposed to unsafe sound levels, are custom-fitted deep within the ear canal and include interchangeable 15dB or 25dB passive filter discs. The company also distributes Shure PSM systems and the Aura Bass Shaker. Audiologist Michael Santucci, founder and president of Sensaphonics, has been published in both medical and music industry trade journals about the effects of loud music on hearing.

Sensorcom Limited (UK)
4, Thayers Farm Road
Kent BR3 4LZ
Vox: +44 (0)870 901 6070
Fax: +44 (0)870 902 6070

Sensorcom has its roots within the hearing enhancement and protection business and has pioneered many innovative solutions for the communications, security and entertainment markets. The company offers services from special product design to consultancy on a wide range of aural communication problems, offering a wide variety of custom ear molds and other EWM solutions.

Westone Laboratories Inc. (US)
P.O. Box 15100
Colorado Springs, CO 80935
Vox: +1 (719) 540-9333
Fax: +1 (719) 540-9183

Established in 1959, Westone Laboratories, Inc. is reputedly the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing protection and custom-made ear mold designs for the hearing impaired and communications industries, including Ultimate Ears, designed for live performance applications by Westone and Ultimate Ears, Inc. The UE5 Pro was reportedly the world’s first two-way personal monitor. Custom-made to provide an exact fit to the performer’s ear, the dual-driver earpieces, with passive crossover, provide over 25dB of ambient noise separation. The UE5 Ambient version adds adjustable isolation of -5dB, -12dB or -26dB. Coming soon is the Extended series, featuring the UE5 Pro (40Hz to 16kHz +/- 1 dB) and the UE7 Pro (31Hz to 16kHz +/- 1 dB). The lower-budget UE3 Stage is built to the same standards but offers a single-armature design. Westone’s website is a valuable resource for information on the ear and hearing protection.

Whirlwind (US)
99 Ling Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612
Vox: +1 (716) 663-8820
Fax: +1 (716) 865-8930
Toll free, USA: 1 (888) 733-4396

The Whirlwind PA-1 is a high output, low distortion, portable monitoring device suitable for headphone distribution systems, sign language interpretation or language translation, adding headphone monitoring to any piece of audio equipment, or boosting weak headphone outputs in high SPL environments.


Aphex Systems, Ltd. (US)
11068 Randall Street
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Vox: +1 (818) 767-2929
Fax: +1 (818) 767-2641

The Aphex Dominator II is a stereo multi-band peak limiter designed to fit a wide range of applications, including EWM, where it has enjoyed popularity for many years. The Dominator II uses Automatic Limit Threshold (ALT), a patented method to produce a predictable peak output while maintaining maximum loudness without audible distortion.

dbx Professional Products (US)
8760 South Sandy Parkway
Sandy, UT 84070
Vox: +1 (801) 568-7660
Fax: +1 (801) 568-7662

The dbx IEM Processor is the latest tool for fine-tuning EWM mixes. The IEM provides dbx digital effects such as 4-band stereo compressor with gating and limiting, PeakStop™ limiting and five-band parametric EQ, as well as stereo image adjust, dbx proprietary Type IV™ A-to-D conversion system and custom reverb algorithms using Lexicon® technology. A 48 bit internal signal path ensures increased head room and low level resolution. The dbx 166XL stereo compressor allows maximum signal headroom while reducing distortion.

tc electronic Inc. (US)
724-A Hampshire Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361
Vox: +1 (805) 373-1828
Fax: +1 (805) 379-2648

It’s not just for mastering: TC Electronic’s Finalizer features EQ, analog emulation, stereo width adjustment, de-essing, normalization, expansion, sample rate conversion, compression and limiting, making it the processor of choice for the EWM systems of the rich and famous (U2, Dave Matthews Band).

AKG Acoustics, (US)
1449 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37217
Vox: +1 (615) 360-0499
Fax: +1 (615) 360-0275

WM’s localize the mix in the center of the artist’s head, a psycho-acoustic phenomenon known as IHL or ‘in-head localization’ of sound. AKG’s Individual Virtual Monitor (IVM) system eliminates IHL by improving the ability to hear the dimensional on-stage mix through the application of Individual Virtual Acoustics (IVA), a binaural processing system. IVA also allows individual earcurve measurement, and individual earcurve parameters may be added to the standard earcurves. The IVM 1 Esystem comprises the SPR 1 stereo bodypack receiver, IP 1 miniature in-ear phones with generic or custom molds and the SST 1 stationary stereo transmitter.

Garwood Communications (UK)
Amber Promotions Ltd.
Unit 33, Atlas Business Centre
Oxgate Lane
London NW2 7HJ
United Kingdom
Vox: +44 (0)208 438 0400
Fax: +44 (0)208 438 0401

Garwood Communications (formerly Personal Radio Systems) helped pioneer the concept of EWM and have maintained a position at the forefront of wired and wireless EWM systems with a product line suitable for live music performance, theater, broadcast and communications use. Products range from the top of the line Radio Station IDS—a fully-synthesized frequency-agile processor—to the territory-specific TS version, the compact IFB 1624 and System 24, and the lower cost System 2 and PLUS 2. Garwood offers a variety of receiver and earpiece options, including generic and custom molds.

Lectrosonics (US)
581 Laser Road,
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Vox: +1 (505) 892-4501
Fax: +1 (505) 892-6243
Toll free, USA and Canada: 1 (800) 821-1121

The Lectrosonics IFB system was designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater and stage applications where extended operating range and high quality audio are essential, and also provides high quality monaural audio for crew communications and talent cueing. IFB or interruptible fold back is broadcast terminology for wireless EWM. The T1 transmitter can be used as a stand-alone device or patched directly into popular intercom systems. The IFB T2 synthesized UHF belt-pack transmitter allows wireless belt-pack to belt-pack communications with the IFB R1 receiver. Versions suitable for use in Europe comprise the R5 belt-pack receiver, T5 base station transmitter and T6 belt-pack transmitter.

Nady Systems, Inc. (US)
6701 Shellmound Steet
Emeryville, CA 94608-1023
Vox: +1 (510) 652-2411
Fax: +1 (510) 652-5075

Nady’s EO3 System is an affordable personal EWM wireless monitor system tailored for use in applications from small clubs to large theaters. The EO3 operates on one of eight factory-switchable channels using separate VHF bands that will not interfere with the simultaneous operation of existing VHF and UHF wireless systems on the same stage. The PEM-500 is a UHF EWM system that incorporates proprietary companding circuitry and consists of the PEM-500T transmitter and one bodypack PEM-500R receiver, both offering 16 channel user selectability.

Samson Technologies Corp. (US)
P.O. Box 9031
Syosset, NY 11791
Vox: +1 (516) 364-2244
Fax: +1 (516) 364-3888

The affordable Samson Wireless EarAmp® is capable of operating in both stereo and dual mono “two-channel” mode. Operating frequencies can be selected by group or by channel and any number of receivers can be used with a single transmitter. Receivers offer volume and center-detented balance controls with independent bass and treble controls plus a Loudness switch for improved legibility at low signal levels. Systems are supplied with a receiver belt clip and flesh-colored ear buds.

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (US)
1 Enterprise Drive
Old Lyme, CT 06371
Vox: +1 (860) 434-9190
Fax: +1 (860) 434-1759

Sennheiser’s expertise in RF wireless technology and audiology has been combined to produce the 3050 Series of EWM UHF systems. The SR 3054-U, aimed at large shows and touring artists, is a stereo transmitter incorporating the “HiDyn Plus” noise reduction system. The SR 3056-U combines two complete stereo transmitters, each with 16 programmable UHF frequencies, also with “HiDyn Plus’ noise reduction. Sennheiser’s EK 3053-U Receiver belt-pack operates in stereo or “focus mix” mode, the latter allowing the user to adjust his or her volume level relative to the overall mix. HiDyn noise reduction and a separate switchable limiter are incorporated for hearing protection. The EK 3052-U is for broadcast IFB use. The evolution Wireless EW300 EWM ( consists of stereo ear-worn phones attached to the portable body-pack receiver (custom ear molds can also be used), which incorporates Focus.

Shure Incorporated (US)
222 Hartrey Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202-3696 USA
Vox: +1 (847) 866-2200
Fax: 847-866-2279
Toll free, USA: 1 (800) 25-SHURE

Shure’s PSM 700 is a frequency-agile system offering two groups of 16X compatible frequencies. Packages include a built-in limiter, HF boost, dynamic overload control and Shure E1 or E5 Universal Earphones. Shure’s first entry into EWM, the PSM 600, is a cost-effective, full-featured professional system incorporating many of the features of the PSM 700. The PSM 400, Shure’s latest EWM product, offers complete wireless and hardwired performance packs, or individual components, for those on a limited budget. All Shure PSM systems offer mono, stereo and MixMode™ operation. In MixMode, performers can balance the relative levels of two discrete channels. Shure’s P4M is a highly versatile four-channel, two-bus stereo mic/line mixer designed to optimize use of EWMs, and may also be used as a “piggyback” mixer in applications such as houses of worship or courtrooms.

Trantec (UK)
BBM Electronics Group Limited
Kestrel House
Garth Road Morden Surrey SM4 4LP
United Kingdom
Vox: +44 (0)20 8330 3111
Fax: +44 (0)20 8330 3222

Although offering limited distribution worldwide, Trantec offers two wireless EWM systems for broadcast, theatres, film and other applications. The S5000 rig is a UHF stereo EWM system designed for high end professional use, and comprises a transmitter, belt-pack receiver and earpieces. A Windows-based package enables the engineer to adjust the EQ to the artist’s preferences. All S5000 systems come complete in a custom lined metal briefcase. The S4000 is a UHF stereo EWM system designed for use where the extra facilities of the S5000 are not required. The basic system comprises a transmitter and two belt-pack receivers with earpieces.

Ultimate Ears (US)
2657 Windmill Parkway #391
Las Vegas, NV 89014
Vox: +1 (702) 263-7805
Fax: +1 (702) 795-0561
Toll free, USA: 1 (800) 589-6531

Ultimate Ears designs custom EWM systems primarily for Shure's PSM 600 and 700 systems. Ultimate Ears collaborated with WestoneLabs to create the first two-way (dual armature) earpiece inOctober 1995. Ultimate Ears marketing "claim to fame" is that the frequency response of the earpiece outperforms available transmitters/receivers systems. The UE5-PRO is a dual-armature earpiece with passive crossover and -26dB of isolation. The UE5-AMBIENT offers a dualarmature earpiece with a passive crossover and adjustable isolation of -5dB -12dB or -26dB. The UE Series is soon expanding to include the UE7-PRO with a frequency response of 31Hz to 16kHz (+/-1dB). The company also designed the Shure E1 in 1995, and the Shure E5 in 1996 (this is the generic version of the UE5 PRO).


Allen & Heath (UK)
Kernick Industrial Estate
Cornwall TR10 9LU
Vox: +44 (0)1326 372070
Fax: +44 (0)1326 377097

Allen & Heath’s implementation of ‘grauxes’ allow the GL4000, ML4000 and ML5000 to do double-duty as FOH and monitor consoles. Controls on each input allows the auxes to be routed to groups to provide fader-controlled sends for monitor feeds, providing 16 aux mixes with four stereo sends on the ML5000, twelve individual monitor mixes, with two stereo, on the ML4000, and ten mixes on the GL4000.

Audio Toys Inc .(US)
9017-C Mendenhall Court
Columbia , MD 21045
Vox: +1 (410) 381-7879
Fax: +1 (410) 381-5025

ATI’s Paragon II is an automation-ready mixing console designed with EWM mixing in mind. Each channel has a variable direct out that can be either stereo or dual mono, while group outputs 1-8 are stereo and 9-16 stereo or dual mono. The capability to generate any combination of up to 32X mono or sixteen stereo monitor mixes, while still having two mix buss, two stereo aux output buss sends and two direct outputs from each channel, gives monitor engineers a high level of operating flexibility. Inputs feature the patented ATI compressor, fully parametric noise gate and four bands of parametric EQ.

Crest Audio, Inc (US)
100 Eisenhower Drive
Paramus, NJ 07652
Vox: +1 (201) 909-8700
Fax: +1 (201) 909-8744

Crest’s X-Monitor console can generate twelve mixes from inputs operated in mono, or in pairs for stereo operation, with level and pan functions, with additional bus assignment to four matrix and A and B output mixes, for a total of 18X outputs. Also features a microprocessor-controlled MIDI mute system and a built-in mic/line input splitter.

Formula Sound Limited (UK)
Ashton Road,
Stockport SK6 2SR
Vox: +44 (0)161 494 5650
Fax: +44 (0)161 494 5651

The Que-8 and Que-10 are 8- and 10-channel mixers that enable performers to adjust their own monitor mixes. Each channel has a 60mm fader and a rotary pan control, and the summed signals are fed via stereo, treble, bass and volume controls to the output sockets. The output stages use conservatively rated devices and custom wound transformers. Consoles capable of driving a 600ohm balanced load could support in excess of sixty Que units.

Furman Sound, Inc. (US)
1997 South McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954-6919
Vox: +1 (707) 763-1010
Fax: +1 (707) 763-1310

The Furman 6-channel HDS-6/HR-6 Audio Distribution System offers a cost effective and flexible way to provide custom mixes for up to sixteen people. The system consists of the rackmount HDS-6 Audio Distribution System and one or more HR-6 remote mixers. Up to eight HR-6 remote mixers can be linked to an HDS-6, and two pairs of headphones may be plugged into each HR-6. The HDS-16 distribution system and HRM-16 mixer routes eight mono and four stereo signals via Centronics 50 pin cables. Up to eight HRM-16’s can be connected directly or daisy-chained to a single HDS-16 to customize eight different mixes. A talkback system allows each user to communicate with other users and the main mixing location.

Midas (UK)
Klark Teknik Building
Walter Nash Road
Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 7HJ
Vox: +44 (0) 1562 741515
Fax: +44 (0) 1562 745371

The Heritage H3000 offers a three-position switching system that changes the console’s output functions. Each pair of outputs can either be two audio sub groups or two aux sends or a stereo aux send (level/pan), and there is also a 27x8 matrix. The XL4 offers similar flexibility; each channel can be routed to any combination of 42X audio busses comprising sixrteen mono auxes, eight stereo auxes, sixteen stereo groups and two stereo masters. The new Legend Series, shipping in September, provides users with two sets of controls on every input channel, with two sets of EQ, one for monitors and one for FOH, as well as two faders. There are twelve aux sends, which can be used individually as foldback or FOH effects sends, with total flexibility in their assignment.

Soundcraft USA (US)
Air Park Business Center 12
1449 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37217
Vox: +1 (615) 360-0471
Fax: +1 (615) 360-0273

The FIVE Monitor is available in 24-bus and 32-bus frames. The 24-bus version includes a 23x12 output matrix, giving a total of 38X balanced outputs. The 32-bus frame offers 50 balanced outputs with a 23x16 matrix. Both frames support stereo outputs: nine on the 24-bus, 17X on the 32-bus console. Soundcraft’s SM20 input channels offers globally switchable mono or stereo sends, giving any combination from 20 mono to seven stereo plus six mono, with a sweepable high-pass filter and fully parametric mid-bands on the EQ, plus a built-in mic split facility. The Soundcraft SM12, the smallest in the ‘SM’ range, is a full-spec monitor console offering twelve mono plus one stereo send. The Spirit Monitor 2 has twelve sends including two stereo pairs specifically for ear worn monitoring. Each input has a built-in mic splitter. Two house mic feeds allow performers with EWMs to hear the audience in the mix.

Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio (US)
P.O. Box 6600
Buena Park, CA 90622-6600
Vox: +1 (714) 522-9011

The Yamaha PM1D large-format digital mixing console is configurable in both 48- and 96-channel versions with 48X mix busses, 24X matrices and twelve Digitally Controlled Amplifiers (DCAs). Dual (A/B) inputs on each channel provide 96X and 192X inputs in each respective frame, and a second digital engine doubles that number. The PM4000M provides assignment to 18X group and two stereo mixing busses from each input channel for a total of 22X discrete audio mixes. The PM3500M features eight mono aux and eight primary mix busses, all pre/post selectable, with a new 12x4 stereo + four mono matrix configuration, and features digitally-controlled muting and advanced cue/solo functions.

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