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Custom Fit Earphones and Earphone Gels from ACS

  1. shaun_g
    suicidal_orange: I've had confirmation from Andy at ACS he thinks the PFE will work well with custom sleeves.

    ACS are very happy to make up the tooling for new earphone models if customers are happy to the earphones in with the impressions.
  2. suicidal_orange
    Great - from no options to two overnight! It was nice to have the decision made for me by availability but it's not to be... Think I'll go with the Phonaks just to say I was first [​IMG]
  3. ugotamesij

    Originally Posted by shaun_g /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    OK, I've been back in contact with ACS to get confirmation of availability for the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro and Triple.fi 10 models.

    It seems the issue is not simply with fit, it's more aesthetic. As previously mentioned the issue is that the earphone already takes up a lot of space in the ear. With a custom mould sleeve fitted the body of the earphone can stick out more than it does without a custom sleeve fitted.

    ACS have said they have had a single customer who was unhappy with the protruding earphone body. They actually remade the sleeve for that customer to reduce the effect and they were happy with the result.

    Based on this information we're going to be adding these earphones to the compatibility list (with a note to explain the issues).

    Woohoo! Thanks for looking into this for me/us Shaun, really appreciate it.
    I'll be putting in my order via your site ASAP (I see you've updated the page already...!).
  4. chris_ah1
    ok, thanks for the info. I'm quite excited that I'll be able to move the sleeve from the UM2 to UM3x...I just have to hope that I like the UM3x upgrade and don't switch to something else :S

    As you guys are in the UK I think this would certainly be a safer option that going for UM56 or a full cheap custom from abroad.

    How many times have you guys had to do re-fits for the moulds?
  5. shaun_g
    chris_ah1: In our experience re-moulding is very seldom required. Obviously with earphones like the UE Triple.fi or Super.fi 5 Pro it's more likely due to the fit issues.

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