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Custom Fit Earphones and Earphone Gels from ACS

  1. shaun_g
    Custom Fit Earphones and Earphone Gels from ACS

    The HiFi Headphones store has launched a new range of custom fit earphone gels and also custom mould sleeves for many popular standard earphones. Regular visitors to HiFi Headphones may have noticed that we've added a brand new area of the store. We've also added a guide to custom fitted earphones and provided information on getting impressions taken for your ears.

    If you're seeking the best in-ear fit for perfect comfort, then custom fitted earphones and sleeves are the solution. Manufactured out of ultra soft silicone material and fitted just for your ears, custom made earphones also offer the optimum isolation from ambient sound. With custom earphones fitted you can immerse yourself totally in your music without being disturbed by outside noise.

    Custom Sleeves for Earphones

    Custom fitted earphone gels are the ultimate upgrade for an existing pair of high quality earphones. The custom made gel sleeves are made specially for your earphones and ears.


    Custom Earphone Gel fitted to Etymotic ER-6i

    Custom Earphones

    Custom earphones are moulds fitted with miniature earphone drivers installed when they are made.

    In the same way as standard fit earphones, custom earphones are available with varying numbers of drivers. Entry level models have a single driver, whereas higher end models have three balanced armature drivers fitted.


    ACS T2 Custom Fit Earphones with twin drivers

    A benefit of choosing a custom earphone with built in drivers is that you only have a single device to worry about. There is no need to remember both the custom ear gels and your earphones.

    The all-in-one design of custom earphones also provides a more compact design as the drivers are embedded deep within the ear mould.

    In fact it can actually work out cheaper to purchase a custom earphone with drivers pre-fitted, rather than a high end standard fit earphone and then an purchase an additional custom sleeve.

    More Information

    For information on the full range of custom fit earphones and custom earphone gels for standard earphones please visit the HiFi Headphones store.
  2. shaun_g
    I'm getting impressions of my ears made tomorrow. At this point I still need to decide which earphone I'm going to get the sleeves made for.

    I can't wait to see how the customs fit and sound!
  3. smallcaps
  4. pjw241142
    I have just decided to go this route with my IE8s as I can't get a fit which works for me but like the sound. Am really looking forward to hearing the IE8s as they should be heard!
  5. suicidal_orange
    Is there any reason the custom sleeves aren't available for the Triple Fi's except for making the wearer look very much like frankenstein's monster? I'd get some for my Image's but the lack of replacable cable puts me off [​IMG]
  6. shaun_g
    We were really keen to offer custom gels for Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro earphones, but the feedback we had from ACS is that fitting both the earphone body and the sleeve in the ear is a challenge. For people with smaller ears the earphone and sleeve causes the earphone body to protrude from the ear (more than they do as standard).
  7. RobA19
    Can I ask your opinion please? I'm going to get a set of these ACS custom ear gels, but can't decide whether to have them fitted to my Shure SE530s or to buy a set of Etymotic HF2s. I use an iphone so the hf2 microphone would be neat, though I do have the Shure mic unit anyway. I also use a Ray Samuels Predator headphone amp.

    So ... Shure's or Ety's. I know sound is a subjective thing but just would appreciate another view as I've not heard the Ety's in action. Thx.

  8. jupitershane
  9. suicidal_orange
    I'm still wanting some customs, but I really don't trust the cable on the Images and the Triple Fi's are too big [​IMG]

    Is there any chance of getting some for the Phonak PFE? They definitely aren't too big and I could send you mine to model them on if that would help?
  10. shaun_g
    Yes, ACS have said they are happy to make custom sleeves for any model of earphone if customers are willing to send their earphones in to their lab. Once they've made the tooling for a particular earphone they can do it over and over again for others.

    If it doesn't work out we'd be happy to take the voucher back for a full refund.

    We're still trying to get hold of stock of the Phonak PFE earphones, but from photos it looks like it would work OK with custom sleeves. I'll drop a line to Andy at ACS and ask him to take a look at photos of the PFE and give his opinion.
  11. shaun_g
    RobA19: Just spotted your question about Shure SE530 v Etymotic HF2. These are two very different earphones as far as sound signature. The HF2 is much brighter than the SE530. In my experience the SE530 is quite neutral, but does have decent bass response. The HF2 is much lighter on bass response than the SE530.

    I would say custom sleeves would be suitable for either earphone. The HF2 obviously has a more slender earphone body, but the fit with an SE530 should also be no problem.
  12. ugotamesij

    Originally Posted by shaun_g /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    We were really keen to offer custom gels for Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro earphones, but the feedback we had from ACS is that fitting both the earphone body and the sleeve in the ear is a challenge. For many people's ears it simply doesn't fit.

    We've therefore decided not to list the Triple.fi 10 Pro and also the Super.fi 5 Pro in the compatible list. Sorry for the bad news.

    Hi shaun_g. I want(ed) to get custom tips for my super.fi 5Pros but I'm getting mixed messages. More info in another post here but basically my issue is that you're saying it can't be done for my IEMs, whereas other sites (including what I think is the official ACS site) do list the super.fi 5Pros as being compatible. Kinda getting mixed messages, it's confusing for someone who is only thinking about entering the world of customs for the first time. Any help please?

    (Just realised that I ordered some Comply tips from your site a while back. Not sucking up, but great service!)
  13. chris_ah1
    If I got the tips for my UM2s could I then reuse them on another IEM like the UM3x?

    Is that all i could re-use them with since the UM3X and UM2 have the same housings?

    Would love to get the T1...but £650 is WAAAAY out of the price range of all but the most minted [​IMG]
    I'm sure it sounds great, but not sure 3 times the price of an alienears or fidelity triples [​IMG]

    However, the gel custom tip does look more impressive than the UM56 option or the one from sensaphonics.
  14. shaun_g
    OK, I've been back in contact with ACS to get confirmation of availability for the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro and Triple.fi 10 models.

    It seems the issue is not simply with fit, it's more aesthetic. As previously mentioned the issue is that the earphone already takes up a lot of space in the ear. With a custom mould sleeve fitted the body of the earphone can stick out more than it does without a custom sleeve fitted.

    ACS have said they have had a single customer who was unhappy with the protruding earphone body. They actually remade the sleeve for that customer to reduce the effect and they were happy with the result.

    Based on this information we're going to be adding these earphones to the compatibility list (with a note to explain the issues).
  15. shaun_g
    chris_ah1: I have not yet seen the housing for the UM3X. If it's identical to the UM2 then it should fit absolutely fine.

    Yes, the ACS tips are really well made. The soft silicone material makes them particularly comfortable and flexible (meaning you can talk, sing or run with them in and they stay put).

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