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Custom-Commissioned Fully Discrete Amp

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by eke2k6, Jun 10, 2013.
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    For Sale
    Hi all.
    For sale is an amp that a friend of mine commissioned for himself a while back. It's a very nice, fully discrete amp that did very well driving the HE-500, and is low-impedance enough for IEMs.
    Here's some background on it:
    It was built by a well respected HeadF'ier (AudioWize).  He's also the owner/operator of Seattle's Front Panel Express (I believe) & hosted a couple of Seattle HeadFi meets there.
    He designs and builds a few customs amps  Anyways, at a meet about a year ago
    At a Seattle HeadFi meet about a year ago, I noticed a pretty good sounding amp that a respected HeadFi member, Front Panel Express founder (?), amp designer/builder, and all around cool guy "AudioWize" had recently designed/built and was raffling off.  I didn't win one from the raffle, but I really liked this amp.  Very clear & transparent.  I emailed him after the meet to see if he could build one for me and charge me accordingly.  He mentioned he was revising/tweaking the design since the meet raffle.  He upgraded a bunch of caps and things to boutique stuff too, so it sounds better than the ones in the raffle, and mentioned if I ever decided to sell the amp, I should ask $300 as that's what the performance, parts & price are consummate with.

    The overall sound exudes clarity and transparency. It was the first desktop amp I tried with my DT880, and it took them to another level, removing the glare from the treble and filling out the lower mids. It's an excellent amp.

    I'm really only selling because I want a warmer sounding amp, without going all the way to tube-type warmth. 
    Since it's not a well-known product, I'm adding a special offer...If you don't like the amp, return it within a couple of days for a full refund. Good, no? I'll also add in the sturdiest 3.5 to 3.5 cable you've ever seen.
    PM me with any questions you may have.
  2. TekeRugburn
    Any specs?
  3. eke2k6
    I had a physics major friend measure it, and he said it put out almost 2 W, but he didn't say at what ohm.
    That's about it for specs AFAIK
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