Custom CD Ripping - file structuring, volume normalization, album art resolution setting, cover.jpg
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Jun 15, 2009
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Jun 15, 2009
My current method of ripping discs requires several programs, and I would like to know if there is one that would provide the same functionality.
1. Fre:ac - Rips the audio to MP3 format, tagges it, and lets me specify the name with tags, and a folder structure like so: <artist> - <album>/<track> - <title>
2. MP3gain: Volume normalization to 89.0 decibels.
3. The God Father - manual editing of tags that aren't the way I want them (soundtracks are notorious... I don't want 'various artists' I want the songwriter.)
4. AlbumArtDownloader - Searches many online databases for cover art, which I rename to cover.jpg
5. ImageResize - A self contained .exe that converts my images to 272*272 pixels, exactly the horizontal resolution of my Cowon S9
6. MP3tag - I tell it to look for cover.jpg in the different directories and to embed the album art, while leaving the cover.jpg in place.
If there is any way to simplify this convoluted process, or even just a program that lets me specify album art resolution, that would be great. seems to sell software that may do at least the album art (minus saving a cover.jpg in the folder) and volume normalization. Can anyone confirm or explain how setting the max resolution for cover art works? Does it convert it to the size you specify?
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