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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. h1f1add1cted
    Yes unlike most other multi BA driver IEMs the Harmony series are very solid and stable on higher impendance sources, which is very great for people don't have always a source with less than > 1 ohms output impedance in their pocket, but the H8.2 is even better, that's very impressive for 8 driver IEM setup.
  2. piotrus-g
  3. twister6 Contributor
    Absolutely agree!!!  H8.2 is probably one of the few TOTL iems/ciems I enjoy listening even from my Galaxy Note 4, which is so convenient since I don't need to bring my DAPs to work to enjoy the perfect "harmony" [​IMG]
  4. sawrym
    Great looking pieces! I guess they looks better in real life than pics;]  How do u like the sound fram that sleepless night? 
  5. proedros
    after reading @Barra comments about 8.2 on the US demo tour, i am intrigued to try them out
    saving up for one more TOTL CIEM , so far only LE aether have piqued my interest buy 8.2 also begins to look as a potential buy
    can't wait for the EU 8.2 demo tour to commence
  6. tkteo
    +1 to both H8.2 and Aether.
    Both Custom Art and Lime Ears will be exhibiting at CanJam London.
  7. tkteo
    I think a photo will help to clarify why *in my personal situation* a custom H8.2 or any custom IEM for that matter will fit me better than most universal shell designs, *and as a result* I never assume that a universal shell will sound the same as the same model molded to my ear shape and size.
    Here is a photo of my silicone mold H8.2 placed together with earbuds from a certain fruit company. I don't have the universal demo of H8.2 with me but trust me it is much closer in size to that earbud than it is to my custom mold.
    Size really does matter for me in terms of fit and sound projection.
  8. latiftal
    I'm very impressed with the sound!
    The bass is full and precise. Mids are lush and noted just right. Treble is accurate and coherent. I must say though, in no way is the treble lacking, however, it is missing out on that shine, extension and airiness that I have grown to love with my EE Spartan IV and from my recollection the rest of the tried EE lineup (Could we attest this to the Silicon filling?). Again, its not lacking at all, on the contrary I have heard intricacies and details in some of my favourite tunes that I have not heard with the aforementioned EE, the 8.2 treble is certainly more precise and concise, just not as present and encompassing.
    Where the Harmony 8.2 excels is its ability to evoke emotion. In my few days with them- I have smiled, laughed, and (almost) teared more times with these than I have with any of my other IEMs.
    TOTL. Flagship. Giant Killer.
    piotrus-g likes this.
  9. twister6 Contributor
    TOTL - Yes! Flagship - Yes! Giant Killer - well, it's already in a category of "Giants" [​IMG] , though it's priced more reasonable than some other giants [​IMG]
    piotrus-g likes this.
  10. walbum4262
    Just ordered a pair of 8.2 they are a clear upgrade form EI.XX in sound quality can't wait to get them now the hard part to wait a few weeks :)
  11. Kerouac
    Harmony 8.2
    Orange Leaf faceplates...
    Cola Brown shells...
    Harmony 8.2 + Toxic Silver Widow (my favorite match so far) cable...
    I chose this design with the words 'natural' and 'organic' in mind and I'm very happy with the way they turned out...
    Now back (really enjoying them) to some more listening [​IMG] 
    piotrus-g, d3885u, rookie2009 and 6 others like this.
  12. walbum4262

    Beutiful, looking forward to receive mine :)
  13. ezekiel77
    I'd think of more green (trees!) for organic but that's just me. Often toyed with the idea of a yellow/orange/brown sunset hue, but I'm supposed to be done with CIEMs now. [​IMG]
  14. Kerouac
    Nope, I don't think that it's just you [​IMG]
    Some months ago I already saw this design (with yellow instead of orange leaf) on another great Polish ciem manufacturer's fb site and I asked Piotr if he could help me out with this...
    Not so long ago I realised that my ciems were like a part of the 4 elements
    (As you can see, there's also some green in this pic)
    My current ciem collection...
    Perfect Seal AR6 = spacious / huge soundstage / air
    Rhapsodio Solar = sun / warm thick notes / fire
    Custom Art H8.2 = natural / organic / earth
    Yeah, that's what we all think at some point....but this still is HF (a place crowded with addicts) right? [​IMG]
    I told myself (and still believe that at this point) that I'm done once I've found the missing element.
    Crystal clear water => that one must have a brighter signature with very high resolution...
    linux4ever, knopi and ezekiel77 like this.
  15. ezekiel77

    Splendid collection. The bright CIEM that comes to mind is the NT6, but as it is I'm already very satisfied with the H8P treble. That's my water hehe.
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