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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. FunctionalDoc
    I am thinking of going Uni since the hassle of getting impressions and shipping US to Poland. I amazed if this could out do my BGVP DM6 with 6 BA's a side at over 2X the price with 1BA. I have never heard anything from this company but have heard full the line Campfire Audio, 64 Audio and Empire Ears.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  2. Deezel177
    The Phantom is a clear step-up in performance. Its resolution is significantly higher, especially as you move away from the centre-image. Imaging precision, definition and focus remains consistent even as you move towards the perimeter of the stage, which the Black isn’t as good at. Its stage is also more stable with superior extension on both ends. Tone is somewhat similar, but the Phantom sounds more vibrant because of a livelier lower-treble. The Black does have a 10kHz peak - while the Phantom remains linear past 8kHz - which gives its transients a bit more of a tizzy bite. The Phantom has a warmer bass tone with moderately more sub-bass quantity.
  3. SHFT
    Hey guys,

    Long time I've been around here!

    As a coincidence I decided yesterday to start looking for some (C)IEMs and found the CA website.
    Do I understand correctly that we either send a mold of my ear shape or chose the universal, which is "one shape, fits all"?
  4. homzik
  5. Deftone
    Knew you’d bite :grin:
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  6. scottsays

    Well-- I thought about it for 12 hours and just could not resist---order placed. OK--that is it! No more audio purchases this year-----
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  7. piotrus-g
    good thing 2019 is just around the corner

  8. scottsays

    My new years resolution for 2019---join Audiophiles Anonymous---
    need a 12 step program to "cure " me of this disease---:wink:
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  9. davidmolliere
    So true, I feel like an addict and this year it got worse... LCD i4, VE8, Phantom, DX200Ti, WM1Z, Solaris, Final E5000, Piano Forte VIII, ZX300, DX120, Make 2, Oriolus BA300S, ALO CV5, now FIBAE Black... my head is spinning and it's totally unreasonable (I don't even want to make the sum of it all :scream:), even if I have sold a good part of it and will sell a few more.

    New year resolution is trying to slow down the rabbit hole descent :confounded:
    Let's say I'll stick with one IEM for 2019...(I know, don't laugh! It could be SE6 so one is crazy enough :p)

    The trick with this hobby is overdose won't kill you and it's even good for morale and health (not financial health though eh eh...). The chase for the endgame must stop... there is no endgame, ever.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  10. scottsays
    I kiddingly tell people it would be cheaper for me to pay for therapy instead of suffering from "upgraditis"--
    I have bought and sold so many items the past two years----it really is crazy. I am "trying" to be happy with what I have--truly ENJOY the headphone/iem--instead of thinking..." hmmm...maybe if I sell this and get X--it will be better..." Ungh----
    Nice to have high end incredible equipment but at some point need to be happy and content
    not always super critical and wanting something " better".
    I am seeking therapy----LOL

    It does not help when these incredible products are being produced--especially at this price---I could not resist--no way of stopping me. The only solution is to not log onto head-fi and other Audio sites and publications and bury my head in the sand----:wink::L3000::gs1000smile::):ksc75smile::o2smile:that is not gonna happen-
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  11. davidmolliere
    Yeah well, let's face it, it's much more fun than therapy :p
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  12. davidmolliere
    How could I not?
  13. PinkyPowers
    In terms of authority and impact, I would give the win to Legend X. But the ME is not far off, and very enjoyable. And WAY cheaper!

    Black is more balanced, though still possesses quite a healthy wallop.
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  14. zibra
    How is the comparision vs FAD E5000? Or Flare R2Pro?
  15. singingbee
    guys... more comparison here...

    A6T vs Black

    Campfire comet vs Black

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